White Stag

This is the field below my parents' new house. They moved, I guess, because they wanted to get a nice view like this. No real neighbors back there, but for some wildlife. We saw a deer down there, and usually deer are more brown-colored, but this deer we saw was white! It had some brown parts, but I'm going to say this deer was majority white. We also saw some brown deer. Dad is really worried that the deer will come up and eat his lettuce. He's a master gardener of sorts. This year he's growing lettuce, onions, tomatoes, beans-- just regular garden food. I was thinking the other day that I wanted to write more paragraphs on here to kind of boost my reps with writing, but GOD this is a boring read, huh?
Nice Grey-scale here with Pops doing some grading. He's doing his whole house basically from scratch, and it seems like he's really enjoying doing each piece, methodically picking out what kinds of stepping stones lead from the porch to the tomatoes, what kinds of salt to cook with (probably Mortons), and how to organize the garage (I actually don't think he's tackled that one yet). He also decided how the ground was to lay. See that rake? That's for doing slopes and mounds in the back yard.
P with Dog. My roomies. Dog has been insistently sleeping on the bed at nights. It's a troublesome situation. He's heavier than you'd think, and he doesn't know about orthopedics and sleeping postures.

God, writing all this is tiresome... I'm kind of sick of all these black and white shots. Lord, we're in the 21st century. Shouldn't this pic of the best taco place ever have a little more punch? A little more polish? A little color? Anyhow, Tienda Santa Cruz, in St. John's Portland, has these burritos that are like 3 dollars. They use queso fresco (white cheese that's not particularly pungent but that melts very deliciously), and their meat is extremely flavorful and tender. Their pork comes in little bits rather than shredded, and there are just never chewy bites. The pork bits are like little mini steaks in the burrito. I also like their veggie burrito, which doesn't really have many veggies in it, just peppers, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes I think, but it also has the cheese and cream and guacamole. They also have like dollar tacos and 1$ horchata that's actually worth buying. Can't recommend it enough.

Plus the bike ride to St. Johns is really fun and kind of adventurous. It's quite a long bike ride, but there are decent paths to get there. My favorite part is getting two burritos and dining in for one and taking the other to go, either to the superfund site or to Sauvie Island. The cooks and servers always shoot the most sideways glance ever when two dudes order two burritos each, one for here and one to go. I've actually only done this once and I'm sort of making all this up.

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