scottie palmers

An Arnold Palmer with Bourbon is a Scottie Palmer. Definitely something worth trying out in a few weeks.

Jake, Crisp, and I went out on an epic adventure last Saturday. It was equal parts playing war and spirit quest out on a meadow. The meadow was actually kind of a marsh though, and it was really raining. There were points that were kind of oppressive, but on the whole it was awesome. There will be photographic proof soon.

Also, earlier that day I met Jake at the color lab and did some printing. I did like 3 pictures in a few hours. Having a whole Saturday when you're 100% is both really rare and really fulfilling. So that's something to keep in mind as I enter my second week of trying to remain sober. I'm going to holler the heck out of the darkroom here in the next few weeks hopefully.

I was going to try to write an essay but instead all you get is a blogpology (dinner is served). Hey, shit, Shakesphere invented words. Why can't I? I'll try to deliver some day on this stupid essay I keep thinking about.

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