movie magic

some whitewater rafters put in basically at our campground. The campground was very odd looking from above, with kind of a mobius strip of gravel road going through it. Wait, not a mobius strip, a figure eight.
packing up camp is always so depressing I think. I'd make the laziest gypsy ever.
That's basically it for the desert pics. Next are the forest pics! We sampled all Oregon has to offer, ecosystem-wise.
Oh, I just saw Terminator 4. I'll just say that Terminator 2 is seriously my favorite movie of all time. Nothing will ever be as good as that movie. I saw Terminator 3 alone up in Seattle where I was working for a few weeks at the time it came out. That was the most disappointing cinematic experience I've ever had. I really tempered my expectations for the 4th one, which is to say I didn't expect much. And yes, I did see it on opening day, and yes I sort of expected it to suck, and it sort of did, but the movie did a few things right.
1: the Casting of the Reese character was pretty good. He had the right shape of face, plus he was just not that bad.
2: Christian Bale had his Batman voice activated the whole time. Remember in Batman with Heath Ledger how his Batman voice was so screwed up? Real gravely and just way over the line corny? Well, that's basically the John Connor voice. That's not something that was right about the movie, I just wanted to point out that Christian Bale sort of sucks.
3: Great action sequences, and a few good nods to Terminator 2. He played the same GnR song as the motorcycle scene in T2 out of some boombox to attract some motorcycle terminators, which he then disarmed and started riding himself. But one awful nod that they always do is someone says: I'll be back. C'mon people, we're all adults here.
4: Seeing a movie alone at the mall is sort of fun
4 1/2: They had this kid in the movie and the kid didn't have any lines! He had a ton of scenes and they were just like "the kid don't talk, but she listens." The kid looked like a boy too! It's like they thought, how can we make it so this kid doesn't either ruin this movie or steal the show? DON'T GIVE HER ANY LINES! It was gloriously stupid.
5: Why are mindless action movies called summer blockbusters? Similarly, why do people read mindless fiction (I'm looking at you P dogg with that Gossip Girls paperback) in the summer? Is it because that's when the re-runs are on tv? Or is it because thinking makes you sweat too much?
6: Lists! Unstoppable web tactic!
7: The Terminator 4 movie, if you're not expecting Terminator 2 or a movie with any discernible plot, dialog, characters, or scenes with no bullets or lasers, is actually kind of great. I'm going to say it's solidly the 3rd best movie of the franchise. Terminator 3: Most disappointing thing ever. Terminator 2: Best movie of all time. Terminator pt.1: Got it all started, and you can't mess with an original.
8: I was thinking about this: have there been any original action movies in the 2000's? We've had all these sequels, comic book movies, comic book movie sequels, 80's animated re-makes, 70's tv remakes, 80's animated re-makes sequels (Transformers 2 trailer in theaters now-- it looks like a great non-original action movie) and on and on. IS EVERYONE OUT OF IDEAS? Also, what am I? The 3 millionth person to rant about this? WHAT AM I, OUT OF IDEAS???
Now that's some typing.


Danny503 said...

I also saw this movie alone at the mall. I'm pretty much on board with the whole assessment, but I DON'T think he sucks... I kind of think he rules... he did kind of suck in this one though.

John said...

from batman begins: (the general idea, I can't remember the exact quote)

You're defined by what you do, not by who you are deep down.

Bale keeps blowing it.