drop kick you then do a flying elbow drop into a hollowed out mattress full of live grenades

Ashby was determined to pull up a towel wherever we were and to pull in some rays.

There was debris frickin everywhere we went. Just scrap metal piled everywhere. I think that's why Ross Island Sand and gravel is so intent on not returning the island to Portland: they've have to clean up. As it is, the island is an epic dump of steel and more steel, more fabricated metals.

more shots from the epic ross island adventure. I don't have much to add but that the post is titled so violently because for the last hour at my job, my co-workers were eating a bag of chips and chewing with their mouths open and talking with mouths full of chips and crunching them right in my ear. I really thought, "what, did I die on my afternoon break and go to hell?, because this is very hell-esque." Jeepers. Experimental punctuation though, huh? Not bad.

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