car camping! MAN CAMPING

Me, Crisp, Devon, and Jake went camping. We took Jake's Jetta, so it was quite cramped. Cramping! There was no real shade anywhere, because we were in the middle of the desert. I don't know if you've ever tried it, but sleeping in a tent in the direct sun is next to impossible. Especially when there's no dog or lady nestling you and gently moaning in her sleep. Too much info? Ok.
Anyhow, Devon and I got up ass early and went on a nature hike. We were at the Deschutes River, kind of a fishing place, but neither of us had poles, so I guess we needed something to do and we did it. Plus there was a huge hill, and I love a challenge. For example: I'm trying to be excited about the new Terminator movie! Zing! Also, topical humor!
Jake momentarily awoke, only to move his tent behind a bush. He and Crisp (separate tents, obviously) did the impossible: they slept for many more hours. We basically did this whole huge hike and got back and they were just beginning to come to life. I think I'm a major morning person.
No trespassing? No problem! I think my photographic niche should be just people jumping over stuff. Everybody knows a tight action shot is tough to beat.
The camping trip was really fun and there are more pictures to come obviously, but I'll just say that by the end of it, I was really glad to be getting home. That damned Jetta is like a death box.

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Glad to see a camping essential there on the table.