capacity for awesome

Jake and I got out of the car and lamented that we'd just regret all the shots we were about to take. "everything is going to be all awesome, but it just won't translate to the pics," we thought. Well, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but everything was all awesome and some of these pics really did turn out fun. So it's cool to be wrong and right.

put on Heroes and let's do this!!


Ashby Lee Collinson said...

So glad to see Jake's Eddie Bauer hat make an appearance! I was super jealous when I found out about this adventure...but not totally. I'd spent the gnarliest time in marshy waterfally craziness doing action stunts for a commercial and have been suffering from war wounds. Namely a sick ear infection and sinus infection. I hope I get to go out on another adventure soon. Life is so fucking boring otherwise.

CHEERS TO YOU JEFF! Your photos are killing me.

bffbyc said...

after this, i quit