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This whole trip began because both Jake and I woke up on Saturday and we were 100%. I went to the darkroom because it was mid-morning and the day looked grey and I thought if I could do something productive, that would be a good thing. Jake met me there and we decided to do something with the rest of our afternoon. I suggested canoeing (his gf's house has a canoe), but then we simultaneously looked outside and it was a massive down-pour. Then we simultaneously looked at the wall at the darkroom and there was a beautiful print of the gorge. The picture was from up on a hill, and it was heavy in the scenery. In the foreground, down on the valley floor, was a great looking meadow. "How do you get to those things," I asked. Jake's answer was ominous and challenging: "you have to majorly freestyle." Anyhow, we found one of those meadows. It was sort of challenging; like getting rained on incessantly is, but it wasn't unusually terrible. We got wet but we saw a sun-break on the horizon. We dried off. We got wet again. The process repeated many times. Then we were driving home wet, finally. A hot shower awaited.
anyhow, to get to my point, we totally shrugged off canoeing only to do some seriously freestyle canoeing (massive log as oar, other general litter as oars).
another thing I wanted to say (on this word diarrhea post) is that I wish I would have left well enough alone on this above one. When I use this certain camera, on the last frame, sometimes it won't go all the way because it's at the end of the roll. That's usually the prompt to rewind the film and put in a new roll. I often will push this button to squeeze a half frame out of the end. In this case, I ruined the above picture (IMO) for nothing, really. I just really love the log's silhouette and the detail in Crisp's hand, plus how the sun is all in his head. Just in general that one gets a 0/10. Way to go mister fancy hands. dammint.

Exhale dude. It's going to be ok. Oh, something that I forgot was that that pond was a serious bitch to navigate. It was really shallow and muddy and we didn't actually have any oars. Plus our most effective oar was a log that was extremely heavy. Jake almost lost it and threatened to go over-board, but we convinced him that that would capsize the boat and ruin us all. We ran aground a few times but eventually got back to shore. What a trip!


karens82 said...

If you are in the mood for some amazing gorge meadows, you should really really hike Dog Mountain. Just bring lots of water and food. ;-)

Crescent Fresh said...

nature jamms dujor. loves it

YHBHS said...

your photos are exquisite to say the least.

david john..

John said...

ya'll are too kind