Multimedia message

have you ever used the english language before?

check out dog's boots. Awesome!
great lake

refreshing as a cool arnold palmer on a warm friday afternoon

what I have in front of me: a nice bagel sandwich with hot mustard, salami, and red pepper, an arnie with rye, and a big ass picture on the computer of scort doing a backflip. I'm finally starting to live up to my promise.hot brideScort asked how I knew when the film was all the way in. "I don't really," I replied.a trick I learned by accident from when an old camera was breaking down: put it on B when shooting vorteces and they'll look hecka craze
whaaaa again?
whaa indeed

good day good sir

my canon has a holga setting apparently. I wish I could harness or control this power!


uh oh

we ate some fire on the mountain wings. I tried the el jefe wings! they were really spicy. My favorite was this one with raspberry flavor, like raspberry chipotle or jerk or something. Mmmmm
The Chen, riding a bike.

exhausted endings

And that's it!

this day

current thing to think about

building a boat


grey scale

we are DEVO
hood mountain, I think, off in the distance.
Oh I just wanted to say that I tried the Arnold Palmer with Rye Whisky and it is AMAZING
The Chen was here. It was hecka fun to see you the Chen!!
yeah playa!

biggest post ever?

I guess I took a million pics on this camping trip. GOTTA GET MORE SHOTS THAN JAKE, GOTTA GET MORE SHOTS THAN JAKE, GOTTA GET MORE SHOTS THAN JAKE. I'm kind of a machine gun photographer, I guess.
our camping trip was so fun.

learned a new technique up top here. Pretty ok I guess. It'd be hard to figure the best time to use this technique. Every other time maybe?
Crisp caught a sweet trout. he made trout tacos. They were excellent.

There was much adventure. Also, in the above shot: lot's of funky ass things going on in there. I might try my hand at printing that one. The leaves on the right side are just really interesting looking to me.

we were camping where two rivers come together, so that was excellent. It was a really energized place (file under vortex)

Devo was always about creating a nice seat; here he is executing some world's strongest man maneuvers to get that going on.

Jake was smoking some hand-rolled cigarettes. He doesn't usually smoke, so he was really hamming it up.

I was over these and just wanted to get them all onto the web. Next up: family desert camping!