sick day

nutter butter: Accidentally hit the button
I woke up today and there were 20,000 pounds of dynamite going off in my throat, so I went back to bed.
Sure is lonely around here. Oh, I've been watching the series Mad Men from my Netflix queue, and it's just great. My favorite line so far was
Him: I can't tell if you have everything or nothing. Her: I live in the moment. Nothing is everything.
This was a back and forth between Don Draper and his artist village lady mistress. Also, in the episode I just got done with, Draper just went in and was all, "I'll be taking a huge raise now, thank you very much." Ahh the good old days. The 20th Century: where getting a raise happens.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of posting lately, I got sent into this room where I don't have the great privacy afforded by a cubicle. Wow, I'm pining for my cubicle. This can not turn out well.

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Izzy's mama said...

great lines- this cannot turn out well