real time commentary

This is the first time either of us have seen these pictures. This is a fruit stand, or it was a fruit stand, in wine country. I used my big camera and really pro film on these so I'm talking about the highest resolution in the history of the blog!
wispy willows, right? It's all silvery and nice. The shots are a tad busier than I'd like, but whatever. We were just stopping on the side of the road so dog could empty his bladder and I had taken a wrong turn so we had to pull over any-ways. Something from nothing or what?
P dogg dutifully stands in.
These would be a cinch to print but they're not really interesting enough to have a real record of them. At least they'd be a cinch if they were! I'm coming around. One of these days there's going to be a perfect storm. That day will be the day we all go canoing probably. If we don't all fall over-board, that is.

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