New Pics!!

April fools!
These were the first two pics I used for BLOG fodder. From Sedona, AZ. They're pretty tight I guess. Nothing but down-hill since then!

If I could indulge myself a little: I got into taking pictures because there was a photo class in high school where you could basically skip school during the class. Naturally I took that as much as possible (probably just like twice). The darkroom was really weak: there were no timers on the enlargers, you just had to blast it for what seemed like an appropriate amount of time and pull it out of the developer if it was getting too dark. I didn't even know that you were supposed to use the chemicals in a specific order for the longest time. I'd put it in the developer, then fix it for a while, then let it soak in a stop bath; Jesus! What a mess. Unfortunately no evidence exists from these days. The little 3x5 prints are lost forever.

Then at college I took photo because I thought it would be an easy A and I needed to keep good grades to maintain my scholarship. I wound up with a C in the class, lost the scholarship, but oddly I stuck with it. I don't even recall enjoying the photo class. If nothing else it stressed me out dis-proportionately to what it should have. I guess I kept taking the classes because I was starting to wear black turtle necks and I needed an excuse to take myself so seriously.

Anyhow, I never really gave a darn about taking pictures and taking good ones for a while after I ceased to have any external motivation to do so. If there's no deadline, no grades on the line, I had no reason to flick shots of some Jose eating Pho. But then I started BLOGGING.

So, to my audience of friends and family, I'd just like to say Thanks for stopping in and checking out my pictures (indulging me). I really enjoy thinking "will Uncle Al appreciate? (who knows?) Will Mom disapprove? (yes) Will I be presumptious in who's checking in? (yup) What will Barack think? O man! Holla at me!!! Anyhow, this site is my exercise in having a self-sustaining hobby, something I do just for the sake of doing it, both for no reason and because I love it, and kind of chipping away, sort of having a dream, and doing as little as possible to achieve it. Two years runnin'!!! Back down!!! BUCK BUCK BUICK!!!

April fools! Just kidding.

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Cindy V said...

I am amused I made your blog "would mom disapprove? (yes)" I don't get a chance to visit your blog very often but everytime I do I am amazed how well you write and how I need to keep a dictionary at my side to look up some of the words you use. I can't write like you so I am outta here! It only took me a half hour to post this comment...