missing Josh Smith dunks to do this drivel

There is a baller basketball game on tv and I keep looking down trying to write a nice poem or do some computer programming or whatever and I'll hear the unmistakable sound of a vicious dunk. Luckily they usually show replays. Unfortunately, I usually miss those too.
I'm leaning out the window here. We're pretty close to our neighbors.

This is Montgomery Ward up in NW Portland, one of my favorite buildings in town. It's also a great place to take pictures. There are lots of opportunities in this parking garage around there.

I thought this one was pretty reminiscent of the Alien Workshop aesthetic. Like they might show this pic for a fraction of a second in between tricks or in a weird montage or something. P found this tree on the side of the road and planted it in our front yard area. Looks like it's going to pull through!

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