jess hirsch fan-site!!!

Jess is hella tight. She's really low-key, and a lot of the times, people that are low key are either just dull or whatever, but Jess isn't dull at all. She's actually quite interesting. It's like the old maxim: always leave them wanting more. Jess is a jill of all trades creatively. She does bong drawings, sculptures, paper mache, probably painting, and she's a super blogger. Blogging is probably the best medium though, can I get a witness? Just kidding. Obviously paper mache is the best medium. Jess is also a home-made art curator or something. Gallery owner? I guess that's it. Well, co-owner. Plus she has the bong ass taste to feature me and Chris, so she's obviously way ahead of the pack, current affairs wise. I guess she's the final arbiter of what it is, homie! Deerbeard.blogspot.com holmes. Recognize!!! Also, Jess is decent at ping pong, I hear. She can also sew, so that's nice. Hey Jess? Will you please sew these cut-offs into some respectable shorts? With a hem or whatever? THANKS!!!

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