24 70

Nice weather has finally returned, and so we migrate back and forth from St. Johns to eat the most delicious tacos and burritos. I hear the super-fund site is closed off but soon enough I guess I'll find out for myself, and if that's true, I'll invest in some nice snippers; that way we'll continue to roam out there having impromptu photo-shoots, drinking tequila, and living in the past. Oh, we passed these two twice. The first time they looked all Shining twins creepily gazing. Of course when I was ready to take the shot they got all out of focus and poorly composed.
Why would this happen? Can anyone explain!!!???
Scort. This is a nice shot of brother. Parents wanted a nice picture they could put wherever. They can't put it on the fridge, because for whatever reason stainless steel appliances don't support magnets. So I guess they'll put it off in some wing of their huge new house. He wanted to be giving the bird, and I guess I should have let him.

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