missing Josh Smith dunks to do this drivel

There is a baller basketball game on tv and I keep looking down trying to write a nice poem or do some computer programming or whatever and I'll hear the unmistakable sound of a vicious dunk. Luckily they usually show replays. Unfortunately, I usually miss those too.
I'm leaning out the window here. We're pretty close to our neighbors.

This is Montgomery Ward up in NW Portland, one of my favorite buildings in town. It's also a great place to take pictures. There are lots of opportunities in this parking garage around there.

I thought this one was pretty reminiscent of the Alien Workshop aesthetic. Like they might show this pic for a fraction of a second in between tricks or in a weird montage or something. P found this tree on the side of the road and planted it in our front yard area. Looks like it's going to pull through!

real time commentary pt 2

I appear to have run out of gas for the second round. A nice glass of scotch would really lube up the keyboard, but I'm trying to not drink anything for 30 days. I'm on like day 4 or something and it's basically impossible. I'm so bored.

real time commentary

This is the first time either of us have seen these pictures. This is a fruit stand, or it was a fruit stand, in wine country. I used my big camera and really pro film on these so I'm talking about the highest resolution in the history of the blog!
wispy willows, right? It's all silvery and nice. The shots are a tad busier than I'd like, but whatever. We were just stopping on the side of the road so dog could empty his bladder and I had taken a wrong turn so we had to pull over any-ways. Something from nothing or what?
P dogg dutifully stands in.
These would be a cinch to print but they're not really interesting enough to have a real record of them. At least they'd be a cinch if they were! I'm coming around. One of these days there's going to be a perfect storm. That day will be the day we all go canoing probably. If we don't all fall over-board, that is.


big ring

our fair city. I guess it's ok. Using the web at home is a lot different than stealing a moment to rant at work. I think it's better at work because then it can be much more passive. Eh, I guess I'll just go watch some TV.

pressure washing clay courts

Devon and Jess move more than anybody I know. I gotta get my shots in when I'm over there for the history books! Actually, come to think of it, I don't have any shots of any of their multiple ex-houses. I guess it's never too late to start.

I pretty much have a shot of each of my old places, but some of them aren't on here (didn't always get the cd when developing/lost the cd). Take that to the history books.


Ping Bong

POP QUIZ HOT SHOT: Who administered the only skunking in the history of Devon's Ping pong table? And who got their behinds skunked? Answer: I skunked Devon, 7-0. (he went on to win the series 2-1. I got kind of cocky I guess.) Another pop quiz: Who has the foulest mouth of anyone on the ping pong circuit? Answer. Me. Final Question: Who is the ultimate ping ponger? You should know this from previous posts. It's Alex Harris. He's also pretty good on the basketball court. Jeez.

I biked up to Council Crest one day. I must have had an excess of energy; something that I couldn't imagine right now. It's the highest point in town. I biked around in those neighborhoods in the hills, lost, and I came to a man in front of his house. His house was up in the hills and his car was black and it shone. He was an old man with grey or white hair. He gave me directions to the crest. I tried to joke around with him, but he was expectedly all business.


Multimedia message

Multimedia message

GREAT SCOTT!!! (think doc from back to the future)

I'm stealing Jess' material.

tiny trailer

I broke my big toe. It was a huge pain in the ass at first, but then I developed a nice limp, and on the streets, a nice limp will get you far. I don't know if it's healed yet. I guess it's a little tender still. Also: the bathtub is a pretty good photo studio, huh? I always want to make a diorama in the refrigerator, but there's so much food in there.


jess hirsch fan-site!!!

Jess is hella tight. She's really low-key, and a lot of the times, people that are low key are either just dull or whatever, but Jess isn't dull at all. She's actually quite interesting. It's like the old maxim: always leave them wanting more. Jess is a jill of all trades creatively. She does bong drawings, sculptures, paper mache, probably painting, and she's a super blogger. Blogging is probably the best medium though, can I get a witness? Just kidding. Obviously paper mache is the best medium. Jess is also a home-made art curator or something. Gallery owner? I guess that's it. Well, co-owner. Plus she has the bong ass taste to feature me and Chris, so she's obviously way ahead of the pack, current affairs wise. I guess she's the final arbiter of what it is, homie! Deerbeard.blogspot.com holmes. Recognize!!! Also, Jess is decent at ping pong, I hear. She can also sew, so that's nice. Hey Jess? Will you please sew these cut-offs into some respectable shorts? With a hem or whatever? THANKS!!!

silver nostalgia

wow, this is hugely frustrating

I was trying to do this photography hack where you can get basically everything in the shot to be in perfect focus, but it didn't work. I don't know why, but it didn't. This is the MLK fashion plaza; it's out by Portland Meadows and really rounds out my favorite neighborhood. Someday I'd like to take a bong shot of it and frame it quite nice and large. The day I shot these obviously wasn't that day. There's some sort of equipment that I was needing but didn't have here, and I think that equipment is a nice wide angle lens. So maybe that's where my next year's tax refund goes or something.


double windsor

I guess they only really run during the more winterish months. How I long for that season. Just kidding. This is from the best neighborhood in town, maybe bar-none. Also, I just biked through the South Waterfront neighborhood, the new one, and it's really really deserted and quiet and sad. A terrible relic of the 2000's.

Multimedia message


24 70

Nice weather has finally returned, and so we migrate back and forth from St. Johns to eat the most delicious tacos and burritos. I hear the super-fund site is closed off but soon enough I guess I'll find out for myself, and if that's true, I'll invest in some nice snippers; that way we'll continue to roam out there having impromptu photo-shoots, drinking tequila, and living in the past. Oh, we passed these two twice. The first time they looked all Shining twins creepily gazing. Of course when I was ready to take the shot they got all out of focus and poorly composed.
Why would this happen? Can anyone explain!!!???
Scort. This is a nice shot of brother. Parents wanted a nice picture they could put wherever. They can't put it on the fridge, because for whatever reason stainless steel appliances don't support magnets. So I guess they'll put it off in some wing of their huge new house. He wanted to be giving the bird, and I guess I should have let him.


new digs

This is only temporary, right? This is only temporary, right? This is only temporary, right? This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?
This is only temporary, right?

sick day

nutter butter: Accidentally hit the button
I woke up today and there were 20,000 pounds of dynamite going off in my throat, so I went back to bed.
Sure is lonely around here. Oh, I've been watching the series Mad Men from my Netflix queue, and it's just great. My favorite line so far was
Him: I can't tell if you have everything or nothing. Her: I live in the moment. Nothing is everything.
This was a back and forth between Don Draper and his artist village lady mistress. Also, in the episode I just got done with, Draper just went in and was all, "I'll be taking a huge raise now, thank you very much." Ahh the good old days. The 20th Century: where getting a raise happens.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of posting lately, I got sent into this room where I don't have the great privacy afforded by a cubicle. Wow, I'm pining for my cubicle. This can not turn out well.