when it brains it sours

Today is dedicated to just doing mindless, bloggy posts about the bs in my mind. The internet!! Where you can really self-publish your brain diarrhea.

Anyhow, I'm planning on writing an epic essay soon. I don't think I'm going to web-publish it either, because it's sort of inspired by one of the ways that I got in trouble with web publishing, plus it just seems like an inappropriate forum. But that'll really just be the jump off point, because this f*cker is going to be far reaching. Now, how can I write an essay about web publishing and not web-publish it? IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY PEOPLE, WEB PUBLISHING IS ALL ANYONE CAN BARE TO TALK ABOUT! I think in actuality the essay will be the title of an upcoming photograph I'm going to print. Longest title ever!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!

It's going to be really breadthy and introspective though, so I think I might actually have to do a few drafts or at least think about it a little. I can't wait!! Self-assignments! This picture is going to have to be huge so as not to be dwarfed by the block of text describing it, huh? Maybe I can just use 8 point font.

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