last ones

Now that spring has come, I'll hopefully be biking around a lot more and taking photos outside.  During the winter I feel like there really was a sense of hibernation and solitude.  There have been many nights at Hals watching TV and drinking at home alone.  Anyhow, these water-towers are on the top of Alameda hill or whatever and I biked past them because I went out on a weeknight!Just alt text on this one.
P dogg got this great vase for a wedding gift.  It has her new initials on there.  Also, god, wedding gifts are so fem!!  We've literally got like 50 little crystal bowls now for putting potpouri in, and the only two man gifts were a bottle of scotch and 10 hours at the b and w darkroom.  Thanks Chen and Wilson!!  Everything else has been either neutral or totally froofie and feminine.
bridePretty good ones, I guess, for the end of the roll. Hopefully more soon!

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