Jake Arcularius fan-site (UPDATED)

One thing about having a blog on the web is that you have to spy on everyone that is web stalking you using technology in your blog. There is this software called "site-meter" that tells you how many Chinese people are checking in (none), how many google image searches lead to the most random sites, and what links are so hot right now. Anyhow, sometimes I check in on that, and people always are googling Jake Arcularius and finding the site. Try it. You'll find this page where it was a really early fan-site, before this site had as much sophistication as it has now. Like, I used to use the "tall-boys" tag all the time! Anyhow, I feel sort of bad for Jake Arcularius because any prospective employers or ex-girlfriends are going to find this site with Jake Arcularius wrestling on the floor and doing self-mutilation. Look, Jake Arcularius is a complex person. And that was a long time ago. Look at the man: Pure sophistication and CLASS. Jake Arcularius: most handsome man alive?
So now we have the updated JAKE ARCULARIUS web-site! I'll just say that Jake Arcularius keeps it really real. He does really great photography, but he won't stoop to goofing off on the web. Web-sites? C'mon, Jake is keeping it REAL baby. He does contact sheets, and he makes the best big color prints. The best ones are really spare and touching and he somehow gets just amazing colors. Jake Arcularius is also always down for having nights where you make food. House tacos (so delicious), food-units (shepards pie), and any kind of bbq sandwich you desire. Oh man, soon it will be bbq season and Jake Arcularius will feed us all!!! He's also expert at croquet, and it's soon that season too. This season, I plan my ascent at croquet though. LOOK OUT EVERYBODY ELSE!!!
Jake Arcularius: fan-site fodder like crazy! Jake Arcularius: Eagle Scout but without the formal training. Maybe. Jake Arcularius fine art. Jake Arcularius food units.

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