last ones

Now that spring has come, I'll hopefully be biking around a lot more and taking photos outside.  During the winter I feel like there really was a sense of hibernation and solitude.  There have been many nights at Hals watching TV and drinking at home alone.  Anyhow, these water-towers are on the top of Alameda hill or whatever and I biked past them because I went out on a weeknight!Just alt text on this one.
P dogg got this great vase for a wedding gift.  It has her new initials on there.  Also, god, wedding gifts are so fem!!  We've literally got like 50 little crystal bowls now for putting potpouri in, and the only two man gifts were a bottle of scotch and 10 hours at the b and w darkroom.  Thanks Chen and Wilson!!  Everything else has been either neutral or totally froofie and feminine.
bridePretty good ones, I guess, for the end of the roll. Hopefully more soon!

my friends are tough

Me: internet tough guy.
Crisp: did the Wrestler thing where you get stapled all over your body (see the leaves attached to his body here).
Dan: tough in real life too, though maybe a little less self-destructive. My favorite part of myspace (RIP my myspace space) was the "heroes" box. Who are your heros, Tom would ask. I always said "my friends". It was the only earnest myspace thing I'd ever done. I think that's why I had to delete myspace. THE TIME FOR SARCASM AND UBER-IRONY IS OVER!!!!!!!


Silhouette du Wilson

anotha one with my dogs

Dog and Crisp. Two peas. Two peas.

Jake Arcularius fan-site (UPDATED)

One thing about having a blog on the web is that you have to spy on everyone that is web stalking you using technology in your blog. There is this software called "site-meter" that tells you how many Chinese people are checking in (none), how many google image searches lead to the most random sites, and what links are so hot right now. Anyhow, sometimes I check in on that, and people always are googling Jake Arcularius and finding the site. Try it. You'll find this page where it was a really early fan-site, before this site had as much sophistication as it has now. Like, I used to use the "tall-boys" tag all the time! Anyhow, I feel sort of bad for Jake Arcularius because any prospective employers or ex-girlfriends are going to find this site with Jake Arcularius wrestling on the floor and doing self-mutilation. Look, Jake Arcularius is a complex person. And that was a long time ago. Look at the man: Pure sophistication and CLASS. Jake Arcularius: most handsome man alive?
So now we have the updated JAKE ARCULARIUS web-site! I'll just say that Jake Arcularius keeps it really real. He does really great photography, but he won't stoop to goofing off on the web. Web-sites? C'mon, Jake is keeping it REAL baby. He does contact sheets, and he makes the best big color prints. The best ones are really spare and touching and he somehow gets just amazing colors. Jake Arcularius is also always down for having nights where you make food. House tacos (so delicious), food-units (shepards pie), and any kind of bbq sandwich you desire. Oh man, soon it will be bbq season and Jake Arcularius will feed us all!!! He's also expert at croquet, and it's soon that season too. This season, I plan my ascent at croquet though. LOOK OUT EVERYBODY ELSE!!!
Jake Arcularius: fan-site fodder like crazy! Jake Arcularius: Eagle Scout but without the formal training. Maybe. Jake Arcularius fine art. Jake Arcularius food units.


thinking about the winter

Some snow in March!

Oh man, Blazers killed last night. WOWOWOWOWOWOW yesssss!


Jake lives with a bunch of college kids in a really old house that looks a lot bigger on the inside than it does from outside. I guess it's a farm-house architecturally and it doesn't seem to have been updated in the last few rounds of real-estate insanity. There are many nooks and crannies and I really like it because you can't tell it's 2009 in there. It could be 1946 for all anybody knows. No TV. No internet stations. No contemporary lamp-shades or anything. It seems like a pretty bro place to take pictures for these reasons. We were chilling there one night having a camp fire in his fire-place and just being creeps, and I guess we creeped out Jakes college friends. And that's why my friends are my friends. We're grumpy old ass-holes who hate the next generation.

Hence the moody black and white shots I guess.

that looks safe

NOT!!! Gotta make kindling as you can, I guess.


couples day on 50crapdips

Crisp and Kathy came over for dinner. Ever since marriage p dog has been doing a lot of things, that if she were a child, would be considered playing house. Hosting tea partys, dinner dates, frickin painting the rooms, and so forth. Since she's not a child, playing house is, uh, just doing house? Being alive?
Luckily I know many recipes to cook for people. When its just me its either frozen pizza or 3 cocktails and skipping off to bed. On this night I made some chicken Eudora:
1 chicken, cut up into it's pieces. (legs, breast, thights, wings, back)
1 can tomato sause (big one)
1 white onion (sliced and sauteed)
1/2 cup mustard (or so)
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
some wine
oh, some brown sugar
some diced and sauteed garlic
salt & pepper to taste
bake it at 350 for about an hour and 15 minutes
Then, you serve this with either rice or a baked potato, and use that sause as a topping for your starchy thing. It'll knock em dead.

thanks for coming over you two!!!


I understand that not everyone rots away in a cubicle all day blogging and reading nytimes online and posting comments on lol cats. I know this isn't in real time for most people. I still wanna say, though: WELCOME HOME WILSON!!! Dan and his squeeze went to Texas for a short trip. Her name is Bridgette (sp?), and she seems like a pretty cool lady.
Welcome back!

all I'm about

nice pelvic thrust?
Devon got a ping pong table and I'm re-living the days when we had a ping pong table in the garage: getting aggressively competitive and doing back-hand slams! Nice purchase Devo, nice purchase. With great power though, comes great responsibility, and so Devon is forced into creating a black-list for his basement. I guess the rules are: no screaming.

I'm just trying to not get on that list. Luckily there is cursing allowed, because I will curse a mean streak when things aren't going right. I also accidentally threw the paddle, so I hope that isn't a one strike and I'm out offense.

Good fun, good fun. Whew.

More Cat Pics



when it brains it sours

Today is dedicated to just doing mindless, bloggy posts about the bs in my mind. The internet!! Where you can really self-publish your brain diarrhea.

Anyhow, I'm planning on writing an epic essay soon. I don't think I'm going to web-publish it either, because it's sort of inspired by one of the ways that I got in trouble with web publishing, plus it just seems like an inappropriate forum. But that'll really just be the jump off point, because this f*cker is going to be far reaching. Now, how can I write an essay about web publishing and not web-publish it? IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY PEOPLE, WEB PUBLISHING IS ALL ANYONE CAN BARE TO TALK ABOUT! I think in actuality the essay will be the title of an upcoming photograph I'm going to print. Longest title ever!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!

It's going to be really breadthy and introspective though, so I think I might actually have to do a few drafts or at least think about it a little. I can't wait!! Self-assignments! This picture is going to have to be huge so as not to be dwarfed by the block of text describing it, huh? Maybe I can just use 8 point font.

netflix queue

Hey Everybody!!! My netflix queue is in shambles. Do you have any good movie suggestions?

Favorite movie: Terminator 2. So you know I love awesome hollywood movies.
Dislikes: Movies like "happiness." Why did they have to make the pederast movie with such an inappropriate title?

This weekend we had High Fidelity and 2001 a space oddyssy, so I guess it's not all bad. But the top three are a bunch of dark Werner Herzog movies, and that's just a drag for Wednesday evening.



long gone are those days

erosion concerns

These trees are growing out of the rocks by the river there. They can't be long for this world, can they?
Fricking photo lab totally blowing it here.


File under bad ideas: movie about someone with a stutter who doesnt talk, but He sings everything.

Multimedia message

File under: use camera here

Maj. Bumm.

chic korea

I'm not sure how to spell Wilson's band's name. He asked if I liked it, and I said sure. Then he said, "I just wanna make music that John V. likes!" I didn't know what exactly to make of that. It's either flattering or I feel like a real creep. I guess it depends on how tounge in cheek Dan is being.

In other news, the film place really screwed up this roll!. So dang


munch x 50

This is our table.
These are some sticks
This is some straight bullphooey

This space

Probably some hot ones comin in later this week. Did everyone have a fun weekend? I did! Epic ping pong tournaments, plenty of chilling, P gave me like 4 hugs, dog's hair was blowing in the wind. It was plenty stormy; we're talking all time. Also, Alex Harris is like a pro ping ponger. No one could beat him, then he started going lefty and STILL no one could beat him.