whoops whoops whoops whoops whoops

Sorry disgruntled BLOG fans. I can take a picture a day but then if I post them all in 2 days, there is a disconnect! These are some garbage pics from earlier (somethings better than nothing, I guess). OOOOOh, yesterday I went to a real black and white darkroom. I was trying to print really big pictures, and lets just say that I was a little out of practice. Eventually I got two pictures, but they're, well, they just feel far from perfect. But perfection was never really my bag anyways, I guess. Holla! I'm going to go back soon, and maybe I'll start shooting more black and white. It's really much more cost-effective than color, I guess. Oh, another awesome piece of news: P bought this huge tv for our house! It's a flat screen. Tonight I'm going to watch some movies on it maybe! Now I can really get into video games too!

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