Devo. We went to a hotel bar to watch the all-star game the day after the wedd'n, and here we are lacing up for the departure. It was fun. Hotel bars are so weird and I think I prefer them to dives now that dives are non-smoking. Now, I'm a non-smoker myself, but I tell you, the smoke used to really mask how those places actually smell-- a little like death. Death and badly fried food and BO and whisky breath. Now you might pay a little more per drink at a hotel bar but usually the staff at those odd convention center hotels will be glad that there's anyone there, so they might throw you some extra foam on your draft or some extra pickles if you get a burger. Who doesn't love that?
Ann was here. I'm guessing she'll eventually have portland mix-taped pictures on her personal fann-site. Ann, we miss you!! Thanks for posing for this awkward portrait!
This is, in my opinion, a fantastic pic of our Rector, Rector Stephen. Heck of a picture. Note to self: get more pictures with chandeliers.

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dcal* said...

ooh that is awk. me like. miss you guys too. i write you a letter soon*