for my next trick, I'll make a roll of ISO 1600 film disappear

This is at mom and dad's new place. All their doors are really narrow so they can only get folding furniture into it. Minorly inconvenient, but whatever. Actually, they were just chilling there before they actually moved in. I think they're moved in now. Both P. and I and Scott, well, we all want to move in there. The house is really awesome. I'm sure I'll get some good flicks from there in the future. They're just moving in right now, I guess.
Wilson with a look of incredulity. Check out the form of the guy playing pool in the background: impeccable form. Actually, as I look at it his arm is cocked incorrectly. Next time I'm there I'll have to seek that person out and challenge him to a game for money. GOTTA PAY DA BILLZ

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Redneck Rasta said...

It reminds me of the bachelor pad Brain and I once lived in. 10 pairs of skis in one corner an illustrated poster of a naked woman in the other and a set of matching foldable camp furniture. Nice choice on the new chairs!