Columbia River

Washington is so much more dreary than Oregon. Oregon>WA. Booyeah!!!

beach bumz pt2

I brought some floss to work. Now that's how you establish good habits. Flossing is way better than shuffling through invoices and waiting and looking at the big hand. These are actually pictures of the Columbia River from Washington. Very swampy over there, and probably pretty salty too.

beach bumz

going through the archives

Tha churchThis is my uncle Al. He came to the rehearsal, and he said it was to replicate the atmosphere of the real deal. We couldn't be fazed.
This is P.s fine collection of scarves. WHAT A COLLECTION!!

the chen came to oregon and all I got were these lame pics

I was distracted by those light fixtures. They were earthenware! But the Chen was here! Next time I'm going to have to really focus on my priorities.
God, I could have at least used the focusing feature!

It was a real treat to see you Andrew!


lunar module

still got a few things to learn about taking pictures, it seems. These are all muddled and grey; I think I need to make a few adjustments. TO THE BLOG CAVE!!

assorted scenery

junk shop

This was the only place we went in Astoria. No, we didn't go to the Columbia Cafe for pizza, or the Catholic Church for sight-seeing. Heck, even the fricken column was closed. We high-tailed for Washington (dubiously) immediately.


Long Beach


The column was closed


7th day bummer

The nice thing about hotel bars is that they have convention halls, and you'll be sitting there getting some nice beers and watching tv, and they're be a Seventh Day Advenist convention there, with families doing songs, and fiery speakers. This was after everyone had filtered out. The nicest thing about all this is that I believe Seventh Day Advenists are abstainers, so we had the bar to ourselves!


trying to get sillouettes

P and I rode bikes to Sellwood to get dinner at the New Seasons. That bike corridor sure is a great thing about this town, our Portland. Also, biking to get dinner at a grocery store is considered a pretty hot date when you're actually married. I'm surprised we even got out of the house, as that couch is getting pretty comfortable!


Devo. We went to a hotel bar to watch the all-star game the day after the wedd'n, and here we are lacing up for the departure. It was fun. Hotel bars are so weird and I think I prefer them to dives now that dives are non-smoking. Now, I'm a non-smoker myself, but I tell you, the smoke used to really mask how those places actually smell-- a little like death. Death and badly fried food and BO and whisky breath. Now you might pay a little more per drink at a hotel bar but usually the staff at those odd convention center hotels will be glad that there's anyone there, so they might throw you some extra foam on your draft or some extra pickles if you get a burger. Who doesn't love that?
Ann was here. I'm guessing she'll eventually have portland mix-taped pictures on her personal fann-site. Ann, we miss you!! Thanks for posing for this awkward portrait!
This is, in my opinion, a fantastic pic of our Rector, Rector Stephen. Heck of a picture. Note to self: get more pictures with chandeliers.

rapt music

This was from the day after we got murr'd. We woke up in a hotel and ate the omelet bar, then set off to walk around the pearl district. I think we just wanted to postpone going home because that would have meant we'd have to start doing the dishes again. Ah married life. What will we do with it?
ATlien bride
Post weddin' exhaustion.
The pearl dist. really is something else!


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Multimedia message

wedding pics!

Hey friends and family! Lauren and Lincoln posted our wedding pictures to their BLOG! Check out all of them here. They are the best photographers ever!
Here's some choice cuts that I lifted off their site.

here's where I had the giggles and p. had to re-assure me.
my somber posse
P's fun gal pals
see if you can find yourself
This shot is so great. Super job Lauren and Lincoln (links to their homepage). I can't wait to see them all!
Aren't these just amazing? Well, I'll get some originals on here pretty soon. I bought a new lens and I've just been firing away like craze.


Multimedia message

Multimedia message

internet fueds

now that I don't have a myspace, should I create a twitter? Is anyone on those? How many characters do you think this is? Gosh, the quandries of married life. What to do, what to do.

what a weekend

Thanks to everybody who was able to make it. P and I had the best time, everything really worked out great. To everybody that couldn't make it, thanks for the nice phone calls and text messages and hopefully y'all can get out here soon. So, getting married is pretty awesome. I said once Saturday night, "this is so fun we should do this more often." I don't think it works that way though, really. Soon there will be some pro pics online of the ceremony, so we'll get those up as they filter in. Word. Oh, you know what else? If you have any pictures from the night, please email them to myself or P dogg. We'd love to see everyone's take, if possible. I know Chen was taking some excellent video footage.