pic of the days, what's I've been up to

Biking to work in the cold rain, but also doing a lot of bike maintenance, like oiling the chain.

's pretty cool, I guess. Today it is snowing, so I guess I'll be biking in the snow if it sticks around for this afternoon.

I bought some adult shoes. They're pretty comfortable and very sophisticated. These ain't no shit kickers!

More of the bike thing. That's Easton E9 Aluminum, bitches! Gosh, the language! The pics are getting uploaded in a crazed manner, all out of order.

Drinking about a martini a day after work, or I was for a little while. Talk about sophistication! Sometimes I'll write letters in long hand or typed while drinking martinis and cooking. I'm a true multi-tasker. Doing a lot of flash film also, if you could tell. Unfortunately, many of the shots from this roll were not safe for work, so you won't be getting a full 24 this go 'round. Also, I had about 10 with flash failure, so I guess this might be about it!

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