getting your shots in

Some spilled coffee in a, what was that guy with the drippy paint and he killed that lady in the car crash? Not Ted Kennedy, but Jackson Pollack. That kind of coffee leak. The grounds just get so sludgy sometimes.

Some various options if you want to do laundry

That's nasty. You can see what kind of a failure a picture a day for 2009 has been: an epic one.


with the sun

do not look directly into the sun; please ma'am.  Portland's Pearl District.  blargh
tha dog park, boyee.  On our way out.
bunch of people mulling over their dogs' dispositions

Free sessions

The sink.

hours of days, updates pt 2

Oh, we've been playing some cards too. It has been a very hibernative winter.
Owl and Giraffe, a good couple of animals. That owl weighs a fricking ton by the way.
Wilson clean shaven. Don't see that everyday.

pic of the days, what's I've been up to

Biking to work in the cold rain, but also doing a lot of bike maintenance, like oiling the chain.

's pretty cool, I guess. Today it is snowing, so I guess I'll be biking in the snow if it sticks around for this afternoon.

I bought some adult shoes. They're pretty comfortable and very sophisticated. These ain't no shit kickers!

More of the bike thing. That's Easton E9 Aluminum, bitches! Gosh, the language! The pics are getting uploaded in a crazed manner, all out of order.

Drinking about a martini a day after work, or I was for a little while. Talk about sophistication! Sometimes I'll write letters in long hand or typed while drinking martinis and cooking. I'm a true multi-tasker. Doing a lot of flash film also, if you could tell. Unfortunately, many of the shots from this roll were not safe for work, so you won't be getting a full 24 this go 'round. Also, I had about 10 with flash failure, so I guess this might be about it!


Happy Weekend!

Don't do anything I wouldn't approve of



Dick Cheney summoned a monster to squash the innaguration! Bummer! Just kidding!

Man, dream job alert: Pro lego person. Now, I haven't played with legos for about 2 decades, but if I remember correctly, they sure were fun! From Boston.com (they always have baller photo collections)




Jason in dc! What an american hero


Swear the man in already!!


god, these are so boring and flat

I'll get some epic colorful homie shots soon. (that's a lie. This pic a day thing is leading to some of the blandest shots ever!)

millions of lines


dog park

Dog Park. Once dog ate all this frozen dog poop at this dog park, when it was totally cold out, then he came home and puked all the poop onto our new carpet. Have I already told this story on the web? I haven't been back to that park since then. It was kind of scarring.

march of the elephant


To suppose

Sometimes when I walk the dog I take the camera along. Big whup.


testing again

some bush league pics


Some people said it was interesting to see my office site. I took a few quiet interior shots from around there. I was lamenting the fact that I don't hate my job the other day. Seems contradictory I know, but anguish can be a good motivator. Jim on the Office television show said "It's just a job. If this was a career, I'd jump in front of a train..." or something to that effect. Art imitates life, and television sit-coms are art, apparently.


night walks

God, it snowed a little again this night, what the hell?

Millions of meetings with Church personnel

Did and Scott laughing all the time, pictured here in the living room

Nate Zach Reno, Wilson's roomie. He seems like a pretty cool dude, I guess.

a pic a day? What was I thinking

pic of floss guy!

Frick, pic of dog!!

Frick, pick of blinds. 2009: Boringest year yet? I texted Wilson on New Years eve, doing a copout for why I couldn't hang, it went something like "the year of lame turns to the decade of suck." Yeup. Oh well, big fun things on the horizon, right?


oh you frozen things

all these winter pictures, getting old

a picture a day

one of my new years resolutions was to take at least a picture per day. This was from new years day, on the back porch.

This was from 2008.

As was this. Ah Crisp. Such a gentleman. If you are interested in having huge pictures displayed on your blogger page I can help you do that.