Odd phenomenon

They say there's a worldwide economic depression looming... a slow down. Does this affect aspects of our society that aren't monetized? I only spent 40$ on Christmas gifts this year, while previously spending as much as $50 per year, but do I walk the dog less? Or do I take fewer pictures? It's hard to think of examples that don't have monetary impact without getting right to what brought me here: I don't have any financial stake in doing my blog here, but I do sometimes check out how many people are logging on. I guess it's like social capital: are people looking at what I'm doing? For whatever reason it matters; I guess I just like having an audience for all my attempts at humor and photography. Well, my monthly visitor tally is falling harder than the NASDAQ. There is no price of admission, so what happened? Did everyone with an office job that previously logged in twice a day lose that job, giving them no incentive to look at the web? Or are people too busy trying to hustle their way to a meal to waste time on non-essential endeavours? Or has it been right here all along: If I don't have any economic optimism, will I not do anything interesting (car adventures, vacations, travel, action shots), leading to no interesting content on the site? For example, a picture of a sweatshirt and a table cloth? I don't blame you, people who have emigrated. Ok, sorry for trying to think. I'll talk about fan-sites and tallboys next time. My bread and butter.

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