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Oh man pizza party tonight!


cold nights

I went tighter when I should have gone longer. My new years resolution (among others) is to take at least a picture per day. Oh man, we're doomed.


space filler, top of the mutant to you


this fellow is the master of odd sound effects and gasping when you say hello.  A truly different personality
This fellow led a project that I was on.  It went ok I guess, but it was in spite of this guy's heavy hand and overly aggressive leadership style This was something that I'd been wanting to do for a really long time: work shots! I think I'll have to do a do-over though. I had envisioned something quite different. I can't really put my finger on it right now though, so I think I'll wait another 3 years before I try again.

laction shots

Great grate
Dog is actually immovable in the bed. He weighs more than 1000 big rocks.


Odd phenomenon

They say there's a worldwide economic depression looming... a slow down. Does this affect aspects of our society that aren't monetized? I only spent 40$ on Christmas gifts this year, while previously spending as much as $50 per year, but do I walk the dog less? Or do I take fewer pictures? It's hard to think of examples that don't have monetary impact without getting right to what brought me here: I don't have any financial stake in doing my blog here, but I do sometimes check out how many people are logging on. I guess it's like social capital: are people looking at what I'm doing? For whatever reason it matters; I guess I just like having an audience for all my attempts at humor and photography. Well, my monthly visitor tally is falling harder than the NASDAQ. There is no price of admission, so what happened? Did everyone with an office job that previously logged in twice a day lose that job, giving them no incentive to look at the web? Or are people too busy trying to hustle their way to a meal to waste time on non-essential endeavours? Or has it been right here all along: If I don't have any economic optimism, will I not do anything interesting (car adventures, vacations, travel, action shots), leading to no interesting content on the site? For example, a picture of a sweatshirt and a table cloth? I don't blame you, people who have emigrated. Ok, sorry for trying to think. I'll talk about fan-sites and tallboys next time. My bread and butter.

2much dinner party

Our Bike posse, as you may have heard, is 2muchbikeposse. Because it's really too much! Anyhow, P dogg had a dinner party, and she got all sleepy once everyone left. She just pulled up a blanket and hit the hay, right there. I guess maybe she wanted to savor having the dinner table out with the nice Xmas themed centerpiece. It was quite nice, with sprigs of evergreen, holly, and Santa.

Dog was sniffing for scraps. P was munching a ton of whipped cream.

I think the party was a success!

winter apocalypse!!!

Wilson and P were pretty adept at handling the snow, being raised in Alaska and going to high school in New Hampshire respectively.
I called in to work, sobbing, mumbling about snow traction and freezing rain. I can't cut it.
Izz man was holding it down.


It snowed! I took yesterday off because it was supposed to be an arctic blast! OF CHAOS! anyhow, it was raining in the afternoon, so I was just basically kicking it, feeling a little sheepish to buy into the news' hype.

This place is on the corner in our new hood. It is a very decrepid house. Looks huge and haunted.


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Dude that iz tite. Someone just bot the bar a beer!