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Last night both my wheels got stolen off my bike! Bummer!! I walked home awkwardly carrying my bike and when I got home some of my neighbors were out back chilling. They were going to a midnight premier of Quantum of Solace (7.5/10), and I went too!!! I've never gone to a midnight premier of a movie, and it was screwed up. There was this terrible mall band playing in the theater (that's what my movie, above, is) before the show, then they were handing out all these prizes after that but before the movie. The prizes were 007 T shirts, the terrible band had t shirts and wrist-bands, and there weren't any bootleg DVDs of Quantum of Solace, which I thought would have been a cash prize.

Well, now I'm going to go overhaul my entire bike once it turns 11am, because that's when they open. The over/under on the price is 250$ (I was in need of a ton of work anyhow), and I'm guessing its going to be over. Overall the night gets a 2 of 10. Great movie, terrible band, I went and saw Wilson's band that was touring through, and the crowd were all sitting on the floor. It seemed that was really annoying to the band. That show was pretty interesting, though the band seems somewhat dis-jointed. Wilson always wants to cut loose, and it shows, but this band seems to be actively trying to stay down-beat and mellow. So that was ambivalent, then the terrible mall band, both wheels stolen, but a great movie, and a crappy walk home with a wheel-less bike in the cold. God, I'm having a hard time tabulating how mixed this night was.

  • Great movie that I'd been wanting to see
  • Getting to see Wilson and play a little pool
  • Joking around at how awful the mall band was
  • Talking with Nick, Danny's old roommate randomly at the show. I got in there all discombobulated and just randomly asked if I could sit on this empty bench, but it was right next to this kid I knew. So that was a nice surprise.
  • Not getting wasted

  • Wilson's band's show

  • The mall band
  • The previews at Quantum of Solace
  • Stolen wheels

The severity of the Cons really outweighs the quantity of the Pros. Overall this was a night to forget!!!

WORD DIAHREAAH. Also, I just spell checked this whole post and Diareahh is the only word I misspelled. Dang. For the record it's diarrhea. Different parts of the internet were unable to correct my misspellings. Other parts were more helpful.

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