when the sun starts to rise

I did not take this picture

Every morning I pass by this clock tower on my way to work. Every morning, or every other morning, well, sometimes, I look up at this clock tower. It just helps me gauge how much time I have until I need to get to work. If its ten after, I'm right on time, and have plenty of it. Lately the mornings have been very crisp and nice.

Every afternoon, I also pass by this way. I basically go the same way to and from work. Today was the first time I looked up at the clock on the way home though. It really illustrated, to me, the passage of time and how much of it, in my days, really is wasted.

This is a really emo post, and I apologize for that swing in my mood.


Anonymous said...

you should take a photo of this clock everytime you pass it. you could make a kind of monument to wasted time.

John said...

that would too closely mirror what I try to do with every picture I take

Anonymous said...

ok, you suck, i had my doubts. However you, have cleared them up. lets say boarder line douche bag. let me borrow some words from obamho, "vovs, just doesnt get it."
thank you for your time and look forward to wasting more of your time in the future.
sincerely yours,