wedding bellz

Bellz-- that would be something good for hip-hop to quote. Anyhow, Trav and Taylor became man and wife. They are not the Eddy's though. I did some investigative journalism and Taylor isn't changing her name....yet.
They had a huge bike posse as part of the wedding! Bad ass! Formal wear bike posse-- wedding winner big time.
Wilson scored a crown somewhere--ok tight
There were water bottles full of sangria and Shockey had a flask of whisky that got drank in like 30 seconds. It was a really small flask. Thanks Shocky!!!! I biked up panting "doctor!!! Doctor!!" Luckily I was in that pack. Oh, another thing about the posse was that many of the bikes were outfitted with boomboxes and they had tapes in them that were the same mix tape. The very beginning was the THX sound at the beginning of movies, and as the bikes passed by, the sound could only be described as 'kick-ass."
marquam bridge I was predicting carnage on the path, but the only person to eat shit was some hot-rodder in spandex trying to haul ass though the 60 people who were, needless to say, taking it pretty easy, speed-wise. He went ass over, and I laughed a little inside.
and keiske got fat as hell! and dreadlocks can still eat a fat dong Then there was a party with many long lost folks, and we tried to remember names, and tried not to mock things too loudly.
This was actually from the pre-party, and I just love how happy Ann looks here. She is quite a looker, huh fellas? (nudges fellas)
how am I not making a face but for once p was caught off guard. I wouldn't usually post this (sorry P) but c'mon, Ann is clowning so hard. Besides, we all know what P looks like for real:impromptu fashion shoot That's actually kind of a bad-ass picture!
They had custom wedding t-shirts with a dinosaur riding a bike: bad-ass! Whattup Ruth!!!
dinosaur rector and a Dinosaur was the guy that married them: Major dinosaur theme to their wedding. They make clothes with the label T-Rex, so I guess that's why. Plus dinosaurs are way better than ninjas, pirates, or robots. So there's that.

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made my day made my day made my day! i did 100 backflips (inside)