Sauvie Island adventure pt. 2

Crisp and I were making a Safari Movie. I think we have an internet war now, but once I polish off the video camera in my cellphone it's really going to be ON! Movie Warz.
Plenty of pumkins and sunflares and workers throwing the pumkins into a truck. They were playing basketball, basically, with no defense, and the hoop was a huge truck, and the ball was a huge pumkin. And they all scored hundreds of points. God, think of how buff you would get.

Then of course there's this. It's harder to really hurl a head of cabbage though. I asked Crisp to drop kick it but he was wearing some ninja moccasins, so he didn't want to break all his toes. Think of how awesome that would be, a picture of someone drop kicking a head of cabbage in a pumpkin patch, and it's just exploding everywhere. Don't worry, there are some good action shots to follow. Not that good, but ok.

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