Farm stuff pt. 3

Dear Daniel P.: Thanks for that little Mamiya SLR that you handed down when you were leaving town. This thing came with 3 prime lenses, which are so fun to use compared to a zoom lens, which is all I have on my Canon. The optics on them are just great, I think. Maybe not so much here, but on some of those pumpkin shots? C'mon- Awesome. Also it's small and kind of ghetto and I always forget to wind the film/cock the shutter. I just like it and use it all the time and thanks.
Oh yeah, here is mt hood (tiny) and the moom (invisible) up in the sky.
Crisp was eating a burrito under this oak tree, which was singed and blackened. We did some investigating and discovered that a car had crashed into the tree (this much is circumstantial) and caught on fire and burned to a crisp (definite, and zing! double entendre or a pun on Crisp). Some pumpkin farmers drove by, and we were sort of trespassing, but the burrito really smoothed things over. Crisp remarked that we were speaking their language.
Then there was this spooky corn area.
And this little thing, which was existing.

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