ghosts over your headz

P dog kept on listening to our only radio-- a clock radio. Actually she was sitting in for me. I was listening to a basketball game on the radio and drinking that delicious red cocktail there and thought to take a weird picture in that great corner, but then I realized that this camera has no self timer! So I was all "sit there."
She did with aplomb!
happy halloweener. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

0cmecamp exclusive!

it quit being a fire after a while. After a while it was a Steel Foundry.
we made some really lucky horseshoes and arrow-heads.

root bear smoke

yo player toss another log on there will ya!
not sure
not sure. Our fire was huge!

happy halloween!

I suck so bad at figuring what to make my disguise. Maybe this year I'll be a rum dummy?



bum fights fire

It got pretty big. We are so white trash

casual Friday? hell no

Me and my pals decided to have a formal fire. Suits only. That fellow walking there is Geoff though, and he's a couch tripper, so his suit was packed away in storage. Also, Devon doesn't own a suit. Crisp and I were wearing suits though. Geoff sleeps on Gramps' couch and claims to have smoked marijuana with Charles Barkley in a walk in refrigerator in Atlanta! Awesome!

We were being so damned sophisticated!



doesn't this look sort of just like this?


I went on a magistical walk and took many magical pictures.

There were some tiny tiny little plants.
This fella was pressure washing the inside of a PT cruiser, so that's what's up with that





Multimedia message

night photography to make you cream your crop

we had this huge sophisticated bum fire. There will be epic action shots in a few.

you can use a rock as a tripod. call now and ask how!

The wonders of doing film photography

We did indoor Kareokee! We only did it once though. These are pictures from that same night! But because I put this film in later, I didn't get it back from the store until just yesterday. So it's like a to be continued...
Crisp has been lifting heavy weights, see them gunz?

while my laptop and microphone cord gently weep


zip zinged when you should have zack shack zapped

I always have recurring dreams of being chased by zombies. last night it was because someone infected all these brown bears and let them loose at a ski-resort. I took charge of a resistance to stop the bears, but it was futile. I was using found detritus (a bunch of over-sized nails on a key chain) to fend them off, but it was of little use. eventually I just had to run away and hide in a dark patch of trees as all these people were getting mauled by these zombie bears. These dreams are a major pain in the ass, as they make sleeping kind of stressful.

Speaking of the undead! The blog! I'll have millions of new pictures tomorrow. Maybe even trillions.

Also of note, this dude who is couch surfing on Gramps' couch might let me borrow a Hasselblad to use to make pictures. Exciting! A Hasselblad, for the uninitiated, is arguably the best kind of camera on earth; except for maybe the camera in the iPhone, which you can use to check Friendster and various stock quotes and sports scores. Gramps will never let me borrow his iPhone for any of these functions, however. Ohh, Gramps is also 30 now, and quitting cigarettes (or at least trying to), so it's understandable when he is super grumpy

Also, TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE NBA SEASON, which is good news.Greg Oden ftw!! No Lackers were harmed in this picture, but just wait till tonight! Sweet Cellphone photo(?) by Andrew Chen! Do you see the resolution on that iPhone?! Dayam!


out-takes from the island adventure

Not a tropical island, mind you. An agricultural island. Pumpkins, boyee. My cell phone quit sending cell phone dispatches, which is highly weak. I had 4 killer ones that just really needed to be web-published. I think my phone is on it's way to being a better boomerang than phone. Land line baby!


q: who is crisp?

This ain't Jeopardy. Crisp is the silver surfer, duh? Hey Crisp, grow a beard so you can imitate that fellow sharing this picture with you.