you've won this round, Panasonic

I always like to talk schmack about digital pictures (not out loud of course), and I sort of think that Leica nerds are, well, nerds. Rich ones. That didn't stop me from buying a Panasonic Digital camera or anything (it came with a Leica lens), but it often keeps me from brandishing it in public. Well, I was out in this field, and I had my bad ass film camera loaded with some badass slide film, but I didn't have a light meter. I brought along my digi-cam because I thought that 1) maybe I hadn't given it a real fair shake, and 2) it has a light meter built in. I thought that I could take a picture, then access the data in the picture and use that data for my actual, legit picture. I don't know what happened, but something went wrong:
Maybe a digital ISO 200 is really an ISO 1000 or something, or the little point and click camera's f8 is equivalent to f1.8 or something. I'm pretty sure the fact that the digital picture camera does 1/3 stops is not the key issue. Maybe I screwed up my math. I don't know.
This is just comical:
Happy accidents, they will come someday. This was, by the way, my introduction to medium format slide film. Some of them came out, but that'll have to wait till Monday. Medium slide film looks amazing when you hold it in your hand.

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