digital duet

You can see on the scoreboard there that the Blazers were killing the Lakers. Go to the game, watch tv. I'm cleaning off my memory card by deleting everything. I thought I'd poke these on the web so there is a record. For every one that I find, 10 go straight to the land-fill.
This plane was out of control!!
This is Portland/SF band 31 knots. They are freaking epic.
Joe out in the crowd, with a flashlight, singing. man, they just really put on a great show. Just super duper. To begin the show, he came out with a black hood over his head, singing. He eventually tore that off, but he was wearing a creepy mask!!! Then sing sing sing (great voice), then he throws off the mask and he's wearing a bank robber pantyhose thing on his head!! I was all "dang, hot head, trouble breathing, sweaty neck." Really, that would get humid. I'm sure the lyrics were something about being epic. Shit, that show was so awesome.

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