Called out

I caught an iota of flack for having two (wait, three? No!) text only posts on here. Andrew Chen was all, "are you transitioning from photoblogger to blogger?" Man! Embarrassing! Also, is any conjugation of 'blog' not the worst word ever in the whole world? What a terrible word! Well, there will be a glut of picts tomorrow. When it reigns, it poorz! I guess that's about it.


andre nickatina interview

wow. Just wow. <<< that is a link

I don't know what to say about it. I read about two thirds of it; this interview is INSANE.

Here is an excerpt: (With very extreme language, warning!)

Do you experience a lot with people bootlegging your stuff?
Only thing I can say about a bootlegger is you are a weak muthafucker. You a weak muthafucka, like a real weak hustler, a real weak-minded muthafucka. If you can sit up there and take somebody else’s shit, why don’t you just take about four hours out the day and just make some original shit so you won’t be a weak muthafucka. But until you stop doing that shit, whether you bootleggin’, standin in front of Safeway, talkin about, “I got DVDs,” you’s a WEAK muthafucka. It’s gonna always be a muthafucka that do the bullshit of Louis Vuitton is Louis Buitton. You know, at the Chinese flea market or something. But that’s still a weak muthafucka, too. You’s a weak muthafucka. Because I think I can call you a weak muthafucka because I sell shit. And I try to sell shit from a situation of not trying to cheat the muthafuckin’ consumer. Anybody trying to cheat a consumer, you’s a weak muthafucka. You can eat a dick. That type of shit. That’s about it.

Yeah, well we want to buy it.

Well, I can never blame the customer. ’Cause I done bootlegged shit myself that I actually really wanted. Like, when American Gangster came out, I got the bootleg. ’Cause I wanted to see it that bad. So nobody’s safe from being bootlegged. I’m just talking about a muthafucka that take it to the extreme, to where the police can knock on your goddamn door and bust yo’ shit down—to where you actually really making a dent in a muthafucka’s pocket because you doin this type of shit. That’s what I mean. That type of muthafucka. That’s a weak muthafucka.


oh man

I was just walking to the bathroom and as I went down this little hall that leads to the door to the bathroom a fellow was walking out of the bathroom; he was opening the door and simultaneously putting a corn chip into his mouth and beginning to chew it up. Now, what was he doing with the corn chip in the bathroom? Did he just find it in his pocket as he was drying his hands? Were there more corn chips being munched in the stall? Some people that I work with are such slobs! I've been meaning to do a photo-essay but I can't figure out how to not be too condescending and mean. They are, after all, my co-workers.


queue it

it was Danny's birthday, and soon he's moving to Korea! Have fun in Korea Danny and Rachael!!! Thanks for having such a fun bbq and inviting me. Danny, also you should get a haircut dude.


Multimedia message

This is for the pre-season, but wow I'm so psyched anyways. This is the first game of the pre-season. mmmmmmmmmmm hellllllll yeaaaaaaaa


Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Ha ha ha. We are why the right wingers want to outlaw civil unions

I suck

Still got a few things to learn about doing camera stuff, it seems. Shoot.


adventure today

I always eschew the rule of thirds for the rule of right down the middle. It's really working out for me!

I went on a bike ride and took some pictures. So fun!

don't hold the door for me, thanks

this dude's name was Rick.

neck sweat

some picts. I've been taking so many lately! For fun.


Multimedia message



notably missing: dog

these dudes were playing croquet on the beach. Talk about having it all figured out, huh?
these dumb rocks kept getting hit by the waves. Stupid rocks.

dog wasn't invited, for once, on the nature hike, or even the trip out to the beach in general. What a heart-breaker.


digital duet

You can see on the scoreboard there that the Blazers were killing the Lakers. Go to the game, watch tv. I'm cleaning off my memory card by deleting everything. I thought I'd poke these on the web so there is a record. For every one that I find, 10 go straight to the land-fill.
This plane was out of control!!
This is Portland/SF band 31 knots. They are freaking epic.
Joe out in the crowd, with a flashlight, singing. man, they just really put on a great show. Just super duper. To begin the show, he came out with a black hood over his head, singing. He eventually tore that off, but he was wearing a creepy mask!!! Then sing sing sing (great voice), then he throws off the mask and he's wearing a bank robber pantyhose thing on his head!! I was all "dang, hot head, trouble breathing, sweaty neck." Really, that would get humid. I'm sure the lyrics were something about being epic. Shit, that show was so awesome.

Multimedia message

I bought this carrot because I liked it's can-do attitude. I ate it because it was a carrot.


this also seems like a nice place to repent

best cure for the dog days of summer
watching tv with a fan blowing on your face
drinking warm beer in the back yard
going to North Carolina: average temp: 95. Average humidity: 85%
not heeding mandatory evacuation orders
swimming in the Wilamette River
Swimming in the Washougal river. We have a winner!