for new yorkers

I don't know exactly if anyone reads the website before I start posting on a given day, which is in western time.

If so, though, then I beat you to it today!! You bitches! If you logged in upon getting to your job (wait, I'm being extremely presumptuous-- isn't ann retired?), then you get a blast of something new! ! to start your day!
Wilson had his lyrics written down on an order notepad like a waiter would use
for example, Wilson is now a solo artist! Great set Wilson. Actually, the set was your first one, and therefore a little rough around the edges. There was one song, though, that really showed some potential. LOVED IT. Big smiles in the audience. Thanks Wilson, please do it again. So so great.

Then one night there was a blood moon on the horizon. This also might be the first shot I've ever done with the car-going-fast-long-exposure-lazer effect. Maybe you didn't know, but Lazer is an acronym. Oh shit, I didn't actually know this, but it's not 'lazer,' it's 'laser':

'light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation'

Hi, please actually define and discuss the "simulated emission" part of laser. In my book, you either emit or you damned don't. Another sweet thing I learned today is that when shooting the moon (photographically speaking, not hearts speaking), shoot at f11 @ 1/(ISO of film). For example, shoot the moon @ f11 @ 1/100 of a second if shooting ISO 100 film. If your camera doesn't have 1/100 second exposure, get a refund. There is actually no 125 or 60 ISO film (I am undoubtedly wrong here). This information would have probably made the moon as red as it was this particular evening, rather than the regularish colored moon pictured. You know? Pink orange moon. Big whoop.

In other news that's surely not going to shock you, I cleaned up and tried to organize all my negatives from mainly the blogging era of my life. I've been taking lots and lots of film pictures lately. FOR YOU PEOPLE. I have a bookcase and the contents of it were starting to get out of control: that's where I put all my messes. I started with two shoe boxes full of mess and some scraps, and I ended up with two shoe boxes, a binder, and a mess. The mess is pictured here. The binder actually was a nice exercise in going through the old pics and trying to get everything in order. Now, when I think "I wish I could find that negative from I think albequerque to print it," I won't be able to find it. That was one roll that is lost, apparently. I do like that picture though.

Did you know that tonight was my last night of school for summer school? Did you also know that I have a full bar at my house? I really just have two greyhounds and I get all verbose.


this is our house.
this is our dog.
I get a few new rolls tonight, so there will be some exciting new shots from 4 months ago!



we found a sweet lair
there was litter everywhere. Someone had cut out a bunch of naked pictures and put them in this envelope:
this is one of those cases where I need to realize: "this film was 15$ for one roll. I shouldn't waste any shots." I guess I just couldn't resist the experimental punctuation. Good reason, I guess, to carry the pocket pointer around.



hey plants, take off your pants

There are shadows on the bottom half of all these, in case you were wondering

awesome colors. I don't know why, but many of these vinetted in the sky. I guess my lens is just somewhat ghetto.


VINES, why did it have to be VINES?

web confession

oh man, I'm so lame. So, so lame

gramps is on vacation

Gramps not on vacation from being web-famous though.
pt. 2. Doesn't it sort of look like the world is falling away? What a weird picture, seriously.
Have fun in Chicago or where-ever you are, Grant! When he left town he was all, "make sure nothing sketchy happens," and we were all, "uh, ok." Doesn't he know that we're sketchy?

50 backflips continuing coverage- dogs

put the doggie in the basket!
dog's yang to his yin, but with more fur

a nice egg baked thing, a fritata? Is that what those are?
who knows?


bike posses thus far

don't get me wrong. I love small, intimate groups of homiez biking around.
it's just that, another thing I like is 100 person bike posses. It's kind of ridiculous and anonymous and more spectacular. We haven't had that one yet this summer. Maybe last summer was kind of an aberration, bike-posse-wise.
Lots of really good small ones though. Great ones, in fact.

out on route 17, right by where they found Danzig's pinky

patriotism-- your doing it wrong


dog's been gettin his hair cut a lot

in the garden

in the kitchen. Dog almost got his neck slit by an errant scissor c/o p. whoops! now he has a huge scab on his neck, one of his favorite things to do is to scratch at it. I guess dog is sort of a crackhead, picking his scabs.

Dave Hueb fansite

Dave is tight. He builds motorcycles, and other constructiony stuff. This dude can tell some stories too, just awesome stories. Adventures abound when this dude is around. I think that's part of the greatness of his stories all the time-- it's just non-stop fun and action when he's around. Also, former member of The Planet The, a pretty sweet band. Actually, like the biggest, best band that just spritzed out for god knows the reason. They were responsible for probably the best live show I've ever seen (Towne Lounge), and also the worst shows ever! (cancelled many shows in a row, it seems like). Bummerzz
SF, though not by birth. Chicago by birth maybe? Optimist by nature though, that's for sure.

Been a while since a good fan-site like this. Nice one Dave!

test film, test camera

Trav. Edd.
Daniel P. gave me this old Mamiya 35mm camera with a light meter that badly needs adjustment. It's tight, because it came with 3 lenses that are way different than anything I'm used to using. Then, as I've said, I have this film that's probably like 5 years old from a bulk loader. This post is a culmination of the combination of these two.

Somewhat Silver

It's kind of an ok combination, I guess.