.03 x anything = just a tiny bit more than zero

The economic contraction hits home! Good-bye organic beets, hello canned pickled beets. Got the annual raise today. I'm shaking my head in shame and disgust.

I thought they were listening to some real rocking John Lennon, but it was some 90's band or worse a band from the 2000's! I also asked if it was Ringo, because I was trying to joke around. I probably just sounded like a person with tourette's.
I read a whole book about taking pictures this weekend. It was like 100 pages! With about 500 pictures! It wasn't a photo edition of a magazine though. It was a real technique book. So, coming soon: use of technique! Ha ha ha.

36 incher

like something exploded and we were all strewn about. Earlier I alluded to the liquor pistol; this was like a sun-ray bomb.


4 on the floor

bad vibes baby. Crisp is an excellent rapper, as he was showing this night. Very morose though. He's like a dark rapper.
dog is a dark wrapper of fun
well, take care everybody! I'm checkin out

cz, bp

two dogs and nachos last night-- salty today

jake arcularius googled on your face ! oooooh. He takes so many pictures, but doesn't have a computer job. I bet he would have a huge and awesome web presence if he wasn't slinging lattes all day.
thought this would be less green and more nightly blue. Not such though, it turns out. Man, my web presence is just BS sort of
Devon's birthday bbq. Chili dogs, yumm, and, what are those things called with champagne and orange juice? Those things-- booyeah! Happy birthday from a few weeks ago!


wow, I was going to say "dead wilson"

I think "gay me" is more appropriate

Wilson not dead! Gay me, though, no one knows.

friends here and there


superfund pt.2

Man, chilling out by the river is just the best. Want more Saturdays!

liquor pistol

P and I had a nice engagement party at our apartment
It was a stock the bar party! Thanks everybody! Wait, what happened to that bottle of bourbon and what happened to that bottle of Tanqueray?
Someone also brought a pistol full of tequila! It was awesome.
The pistol was never seen again. PERPS!!! It was a wild party.


1st bike posse of the season

They always start nice and small, but as the summer goes on they swell and just get all radical
This is the best kind of film, in my opinion. But it's like 15$ per roll! Fuji Velvia, you should fedex me some please!
Wilson with antlers on his bike.

crisp is a brilliant photographer!!!

me, not so much though. At least I'm more prolific. Watching Crisp's website is like, uh, looking at the same thing everytime.


boom-box, tunes, good times, Dan Wilson

super fund

we all almost fell into the poisoned river

decrepit dock

stills at the dude house, man

Crisp painting this wonderful painting. My big dumb thumb appears to have gotten in the way a little.
some nice avant garde interior design.
Welcome back to the website Crisp-- you can't quit, and I can't fire you! My website would be nothing without you! Look at you, shredding on the drums. How can I resist?


running on fumes

work-station: in action!
DAN WILSON ALWAYS DOES HIS TEXTS IN ALL CAPS. I wish I would have thought of that. You can get really jazzed about "BBQ TONIGHT," whereas "bbq tonight" is kind of whatever.


heavy house situations:

our old bulletin board
chilling, then a flash fire in your face
flash flowers. Sometimes the pictures aren't very masculine.
P has many many plates and bowls and saucers.