one fun thing to do:

I think you broke it, bro

p and dog fashion shoot part 2

if I had any kind of editing software here I'd edit out the parts that aren't white background, but I don't. Just put some tape on your monitor or a post-it.

I got a new flash, so if I tried to do this type of thang again it would have a chance of actually coming out right! (well, it wouldn't do the framing for me, but whateva!)


m&d's new view, if they can escape the meltdown, real estate-wise. "nice lot." "thanks, got a sweet teaser rate on it. I'm so psyched."

no new pictures coming ever!

p dogg showing her matronly disposition, which she is wont to do often. Been a while since a baby shot, huh? Well, baby got all ugly, and I didn't want to risk breaking my camera.
treez, dreamzzz
tha bridge is vacant, please throw you wallet over-board


random threesome, I'm done doing posts with a common tie (no)

hate when that happens
gramps!!! 10 and 2 dude! 2 kewl fr skool
what is this a story about? jack and dianne?


medical jargon, I'm there

Crisp always calls me a Republican, and I can't figure out why. I mean, yeah, I am a pretty gnarly bigot, and I'm pretty sure we should cancel the department of education, but whatever! (is this where you can't tell how sarcastic someone is in type?) Well, I'm getting out of town this weekend, wait for some awesome travel and whatever tags soon! flash film baby, it's coming in hott

all my problems aren't

happy memorial day, pour one out for all the unfortunate souls that have lived through a war, and for those that have died fighting. I guess that it's a good time to count your blessings too.

hi can you come out and play some keys on your clarinet?

I bought P dogg some jewelz from a pretty fancy jewelerzzzzz
Gramps then taught me some things about frisbee golf
Weekend ecclectic

two groups

They were all, "do you want to go on a bike ride?" I said sure, thinking it'd be kind of a posseish affair, but dudes were all going for it, getting their sweat on, doing time trials. I snuck off the back of the line.

homiez-- you are all fan-post worthy!

YESSSS! Isn't this one a little weird?
we were tweakin, into a whole new era, one in which we quit don't blast tunes in tha basement, jeah!


command area

some shots. Chill zone, etc.

fashion editorial

me, dog, and p dogg did a high fashion shoot. It was tight. Perhaps I can bring out the details of the feathers on her dress somehow? I have no idea.

Why don't we do it with the strobe!

I did it! jake arcularius, STAND DOWN
Properly exposed flash pictures!  just from guessing! oh man heavy bro-zone for realz. canadain tuxedo also.

move and confusion


march madness brings may badness

mookie blaylock driving the freaking lane!


jake arcularius fan-site

Jake showed up with braids in his hair at the river on Sunday. He looked cuuuuuute, let me tell you. Like a small Indian child. I don't actually have much material for this fan-site. JAKE ARCULARIUS though. Sometimes being at work just causes my brain to retard. this is one of those times, evidently. I don't know, rock music? Service professional? Ah, shit.

hold your tung

nice ass coat
other kinds of dogs

gmail me

accidentaly hit the shutter button-- whoops

New junk comin later this week. Stay tuned!



oh yeah, this happened in portland Sunday. They estimated 75,000 people, which is like more than the superbowl almost. Pretty tight though, I think. We were out of town at the Sandy River hangin with the pedestrians and having to have dog tied up, which was a bummerzz, esp. at a swimming hole, but the current was going crazy, and DOGS WEREN'T EVEN ALLOWED AT THE PLACE WHERE WE WERE. THE RANGER CAME AND WE HAD TO BOLT.


crisp sort of floating in his yard.

gramps pt. 2.
Short on words today. Thanks for browsing.


candlelight and camel lights

cryptic night moves


Gramps is livin the single life; mothers hide your grape cigars and rolling rock, as well as nascar television and frisbee golf and chill zones and daughters.


some shots from tha crib

Get this tatooed on your back