slide film, why you so magenta tinted?

such a rip off of sarah meadows, a bad one at that
world's smallest, yet muddiest island

if you don't love dog pictures then GET THE HELL OFF MY INTERNETS

this one is my wallpaper at work, boyeeeeee
dog's eye view

sauvie Island pt 155 of 476

Don't often get to hang with Jonnie and or Christian, but every time, it's pretty fun.


nice form dude

it was a par three course, but many times Spencer had an urge to just send one off into space. He did a few times. Spencer is a really good golfer, exhibited in this shot. His form is impeccable. I think I just spelled that right.

This picture is a pretty good illustration why I don't use my old gear that much. Old gear- muddled and crappy. New gear-- good cop-outs.

when dog learned how to swim, I was cheering boisterously and in earnest

Then I did the biggest dog post ever! Forgive me, rules of having interesting posts.

I would throw the stick in the water, dog would fetch and swim, then he'd come up on shore and go ape-shit crazy. He'd shake off, jump around, dance, and paw at the stick. Then the stick would get covered in sand, so he'd paw at it more, making it sandier. Eventually, he'd paw it so much that it would be under the sand, and he'd look around. "it was just right here." Then I'd pick it up and he'd go ape-shit some more. BEST DAY WITH DOG EVER! so far. They're be more for sure, but maybe with fewer pictures.
probably the same amount of pictures actually. More pictures of P in the future though, most likely.

fan-site, dissolve, to minutiae

jake arcularius awkward gait. "Jake Arcularius croquet"
people always google "jake arcularius" and find my website. "Jake Arcularius BBQ smoked meats," boyee

I was there, man. I was there.

columbia river

we were broing down at the Columbia. It was tight. Instant photo-ops, and jokingly lamenting our lack of jazz cigarettes on such a beautiful day at the river:


come back soon! I'll get my ass out to the mountain time zone hopefully soon maybe

Whoops exposure! The sextant or something like that. Scott and I wanted to go to Salty's, out on the Columbia river, but it was like a white table-cloth place with 50$ lobster and stuff. We bounced, citing a family emergency to the hostesses, who were previously quite impressed that we had been golfing earlier in the day. Well, across the parking lot there was a nice place that was much more suited to what we were trying to do.
Golfing in action.