how about some pictures?

I made a delicious sandwich, well, it was ok. But it had these great peppers on there.

That's our new flag pole. Cutting bamboo is so fun!

bro just took the mic. I was glad it wasn't me.

P building the fence

nite croquet

then we played penny poker:

Corey won, hence victory dance:

actually we had just been subjected to an entire Belle and Sebastian cd, then they put on some awesome rap cd. It'll get you pumped.

check out Corey's sweet orb necklace looking area:

dog smelling the world:

Dog in the sun.

50 backflips turns 1!!!

March 30 is when I did my first post, but that was so 2007. I celebrated today by doing my first bargaining. P and I went to the re-building center, and we bought these things, nine of them. The guy was all "three dollars each for these 9." P was aghast, and I was all, "how about 2?" Dude was all, "sure." Take that, local cool non-profit!!! We used the things to build a nice fence around the garden. The bounty will soon be plentiful! And 9 extra dollars in the house!!! Spring breaks over! Class begins tomorrow; queue anxiety dreams of the worst sort tonight. Coming soon: new pictures! Sarchasm! woot woot.


weekend war

baby was bein a baby

it snowed

dee oh double gee

the b the a the b the y baby, baby baby baby

he's going to be a scientist or a poet or a trouble maker.

P dogg getting all that oral hygiene and stuff. Gettin that plaque under control, the tartar relinquished.

P did a hail dance and it worked!

dog keeps watch.


Gratuitous bail shots

alternate angles, they are ok.

bacon. REAL bacon

Portland is updating its infastructure. Rails baby, rails.
Salmon Street. (maybe) Hey Ann, remember when we rode down Salmon that one night? I sort of do. You turned back at one point. I kept going to downtown to see a rock show or something.
my basement.

who are these people?

I was hanging out with some strangers? Sometimes the amount of enthusiasm you can have will sabotage you. I know Malcolm was among us. MALCOLM, let's arrange a fan-site!


wow, graphic!

The front courtyard. WET!


Grant, almost smiling. RARE!!!


coming soon: good color shots, I swear!

this is the ledge on the side there that they were trying to skate. No good dude, no good.