dog has orders to kill

or maim, or bite, cripple, swallow.
usually he just paws though


dog doin what he does best:

munchin on some stick
creating a nice saw-dust layer on the carpeting.


P was doing some bikini gardening the other day (in the middle of February in the Pacific NW: Crazy? Or climate crisis? Answer: BOTH!)
Then me and Grant went for some burritos.
Then the day was ova!!!!!


my house, some shots

They came out really green

pictures: scary!


cross-processing: Verdict: eh

Finally got a good picture of Devon. Usually he makes faces or gestures to clown around or something. This one's really ok though.
sort of making a face on this one, see?


shorten your fuse, don't bite my arm (Crisp!)

picking up some experimental (read bad) shots tonight probably, if the check don't bounce. I have my camera at work and I keep almost asking this guy if I can take his picture but its just too weird. The anticipation will eventually cause me to just back down. Same way as in high school how I had the girl's number and just couldn't call. Pick up the phone, put the phone down. Just like a romantic comedy in the montage when it's not really working out. That's me! Not really working out.


a conflict of compounding interest

no snow fo sho no mo
P got some heady homemade soap from one of her baby mommas for some compensation. Do not report soap compensation on form w2. Wha wha wha. Someone, anybody, get me a laser level.
The top of the toilet bowl would be a good place to build a diorama and take pictures of it as a home-made studio. (ed. note-- you can also just set some magazines up there.)

Dog got his balls cut off

I thought it was the saddest thing ever, however necessary.
It didn't stop me from taking tons of pictures though.
Dog toughed it out, it was the least I could do to do the same.


the next 500 posts? All fantasy

we had a gladiator battle in the backyard
Chrisp was trying to annihilate the ball
the ball won so he smashed that window.
Then Chris turned into a baby.
Then he turned into a dog and we cutt off his balls. Sorry Chrisp!!!

500th post!

500th post! I did it. Here are ten pictures, which is like 6 or 7 more than usual! Effin bad ass!
P dogg
the British Isles in reverse
Handsome man.
wah wah wah wah wah
MCRAY! Oozing texture.
Here's to twenty more!

the fog of gwar


what if I put one on the right?

Is this right in the middle of your screen? It's right in the middle of mine.