Dog was misbehavin so we cut him up and pan fried him in a red wine reduction. Delicious.
moon rise over yo mamma

roy g biv be up in hear, smashing it up, wreckin shop

Killer dog alert

funny timing

a merger of two greats: action shot and close up. Booya


digicam ~= cell phone dispatches.

I guess that's a bit of a harsh comparison. Sorry Digi-cam!

But on Wednesday I go back to analog. I've got rolls of film just waiting. Also, I've had waaaaaay too much money lately so it'll be good to shoot a bunch of junk and get rid of some of that money at Freddies' photo booth.

Basement bar: I hardly knew ye.


my day: when the sun starts to rise, I open my eyes

P and I went to brunch.

When I saw the above picture I did this:

Then I went out a bought a suit. Take that recessing economy!

The suit (I almost said shit) isn't perfect, but it wasn't 7,000 dollars either. I guess it'll work.


It's been said that the best thing about digi cams is that you can do movies

I haven't yet learned that function. Let's see. It's friday evening. I think I'll go out and talk to my friends and interact with people. (very short pause) Nah, I'll just blog one and listen to my ipod. Suck it friends. The web is there for me all the time and I don't have to bike around in the freezing cold. Oh yeah, per Nate Dogg's request:

Scott is a card player for sure, but I learned how to figure out what hand he has all the time.


wine county
some vortex somewhere kind of
Dog getting his teeth brushed. Using his paw.
Hating it.
Throat close up.


hi guys I made some digipics

This is Mike and Cindy's new view maybe if they're lucky and avoid a sub-prime meltdown (contraction).
We went to many some of bitching places. This is Willamette Valley vineyards, which has been on the tv show Friends many times.

This happened today:

views galore


family weekend! Weekend at Scotties!

Scott was all, come over, let's eat steak. It was tight.

We ate the steak.

Mike was chompin on some bread.

Dog did the dishes. well, he pre-washed the silverware at least I guess.

Then we played some cards. Steak and poker. Awesome.