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Jack's crib

this night was so weird

jeez. It was so tense



I'd like to take that back

try again, with a longer lens, and better sky conditions. One time I was driving over this bridge and had a vision. And, as usual, it came out wrong.


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I wish they would be bigger on the webpage

They're so small. maybe I should get my own website with a regular URL where I can do things without the limitations of such a remedial platform. Maybe I will

something in Miami that I found

When I went on that gnarly boat ride we stopped for lunch at this restaurant that you could basically only boat to. It was right on the Miami River and I guess they just didn't really have a parking lot. Well, I snuck off to huff a cigarette and ostensibly go to the bathroom or do some SLRing or something, and I ended up taking a few pictures.
not so tight:

somewhat tighter, still not that tight though:
I just thought that color was pretty Miamish

Others with Tom Hanna

other people's baby

ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha
Ann and Kea! Are you retiring? Come out of retirement!

He blinked twice in a row


Downtown Miami seems a lot like the Pearl District, except way bigger and probably more drug money. There were so many condos under construction, and so many already there. All the Miamians were disgusted by the growth, but you know what? There are more people now. People want to live in Miami just like they want to live in Downtown Portland. And so long as there is demand, people will find a way to create supply. Right now the way to do that is to build high-rise condos. Whether or not we come to regret this style of growth remains to be seen, I guess. Miami is awesome though, I think.


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Oh man Dog's balls got cut off today. Say a prayer for him please. I feel terrible

wyld styles

miami looks like this
(pic deleted) Tom Wolfe, Miami Society, and one cretin (me)
we were really going fast here. That lady in white there was a Forbes Photographer. I might be in Forbes magazine!!! Not really. I'll be on the cutting room floor. They said the attire was boat casual! I thought that meant tank top, swim trunks, and flipflops!!! (It means a light colored suit). Forbes magazine!!! Close to a Million subscribers!!! Well, I've got my close to five people looking every day, so that's okay for me for now I guess. Maybe I should have a stock ticker on the sidebar or something?

Hey Guys!




sittin on the dock in the bay

This was the view from where I was standing at one particular moment.
(Pic deleted) This was our guest room. Now, I know what you're thinking: "what, they took their flight home???!!" I know, I know. It's insanity.


some junk from the SE: Everglades country

This is where we switched from our street wear to our swimming gear. Street wear? what am I? street? We snuck into the primo fancy lobby's bathroom and just pulled the old switcheroo. I was thinking that I could post up at the bar and be a distraction, but that wasn't necessary
This (redacted) looked on unimpressed. This (redacted) was awesome.

This exists

If I lived in Miami I'd want to live in a place like this:

happier moments

Tom Hanna!! Whattup player? Tom said he's organically farming and living in a cottage with no electricity. He was pretty blown away by such things as Youtube and Myspace. Which, lets face it, those things are pretty gnar gnar


oh yeah! Tom Hanna came to visit

I don't think he's going to be really hurried to come back, too:
so close to disaster

Miami on my mind so bad

got my mind on miami and miami on my mind
Did I use this one yet? It's the skyline from the boat and some clouds and a nice sun-set. isn't that lovely?