my life is a perfect storm of dominating sudoku and other petty things

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom dominating a difficult level sudoku. I over-heard this conversation between the New guy with a huge gut who leans forward and walks really fast and the veteran who waddles strangely and makes weird, weird faces: “Hi”
“Hey, how’s it goin?”
“Not bad, for a Monday.”
“Yeah, if you think about it, it’s technically a Wednesday.”
“Uh huh.” It’s Thanksgiving week.

Then at lunch I walked to this gas station and bought some cigarettes. I handed my Visa card to the guy.
“We check a photo ID with all card purchases,” the guy deadpanned.
“That is good for both of us,” I kind of said it in a robotic voice. “Hey, you got any matches?”
“Nope, something about flaming sulfur shooting through the air doesn’t mesh well with gas stations.” I thought he was just joking around. I mean, I knew he didn’t have matches, but I just thought he was joking about flaming debris flying through the air from striking a match.
“There are three components to a fire. Fuel. Oxygen. Spark."
"I would have no idea which of those three matches would be," I said, incredulously.
"You got flaming sulfuric bits flying through the air, it’s a perfect storm here.” He waved his arms at the gas pumps and the roof and all that. I walked back to work and got some matches at Joe's Cellar.

This morning I was taking a shower and thinking to myself, “hey, not bad, it’s kind of like a Thursday.” Then I was like, “fuuuuuuuuuck.”


Anonymous said...

dang, that's real.

Anonymous said...

do you need to seek counseling?

karens82 said...

Don't even start thinking about when you didn't have class until ten, someone else cleaned the bathroom, and a multitude of meals were available 5-7.
That and the impending doom of winter photo above. . . eeeeee.

karens82 said...
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