thesis: Dog is a little gay dog

Exhibit A: Dog mounting a little dog. The little dog's wiener was sticking out, and it was so gross. Dog was humping, thrusting on the dog, even though the little dog's wiener was sticking out in plain view (almost)
Exhibit A is my only evidence, really. Dog has no choice that P wants him to be a gay bear. Well, maybe the limp wrists.
P hates it when I accuse Dog of being gay


mike v basically summing up his whole 'tude.

Every other mark is in there, talkin about how to do the gravy, how to baste it better, what fines herbs to use. Mike's like, "read it and weep. You don't like it, take your ass to KFC for thanksgiving."

Also, if I do say so myself, this is a Charlie Brown's Dad all-star post. This is on the "best of" list, if I had one.

dog doesn't love swimming

cut him some slack. It's still November. We'll get the dog out there in July swimmin, drinkin light beer, throwing sticks and balls, doin cannon balls

short on words this past week.

Maybe one day I'll try to compose a short story of sorts. I used to be real good at that sort of thing, just self-motivation.


There was a day with light and clouds and we went to the Columbia River. It was awesome.


my website has cuter pictures and ideas than any other cute website out there

Im in ur sand eaten it

random threesome

p and mr. baby
are these cute vans? No, these are sketchy vans. AND AN ORB
Grandma, P, and Kathleen (my dad's sister)


To do: teach the dog to eat the baby
get the baby drunk
get drunk
get the dog drunk
get the dog to paw the baby

oh man baby overload

This is P's boss

He's just a baby! How can a baby be the boss? Well, he craps and then you have to powder his butt, then he cries for about 5 hours.


Superduty SLRing.

This is my window in my bedroom. It's got a sheet over it or something. I don't really know, P does most of the interior decorating.


Loraine always kicks out our nemeses at the bar, and she serves it up major leage. One time some shmoes were throwing stuff at us because someone in our party was throwing things at them. Well, they were dumb enough to throw stuff when Loraine was serving us, and they threw an ashtray or something and it shattered a glass that she was holding. GNARLY. Also, Loraine is not afraid of Rukus.
She's the charm of MFP, the face of it.

people always hijack my camera at watering holes

rollin deep
someone's obsessed with Loraine

welcome back


Shadows burned into the concrete

I was walking home.

my life is a perfect storm of dominating sudoku and other petty things

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom dominating a difficult level sudoku. I over-heard this conversation between the New guy with a huge gut who leans forward and walks really fast and the veteran who waddles strangely and makes weird, weird faces: “Hi”
“Hey, how’s it goin?”
“Not bad, for a Monday.”
“Yeah, if you think about it, it’s technically a Wednesday.”
“Uh huh.” It’s Thanksgiving week.

Then at lunch I walked to this gas station and bought some cigarettes. I handed my Visa card to the guy.
“We check a photo ID with all card purchases,” the guy deadpanned.
“That is good for both of us,” I kind of said it in a robotic voice. “Hey, you got any matches?”
“Nope, something about flaming sulfur shooting through the air doesn’t mesh well with gas stations.” I thought he was just joking around. I mean, I knew he didn’t have matches, but I just thought he was joking about flaming debris flying through the air from striking a match.
“There are three components to a fire. Fuel. Oxygen. Spark."
"I would have no idea which of those three matches would be," I said, incredulously.
"You got flaming sulfuric bits flying through the air, it’s a perfect storm here.” He waved his arms at the gas pumps and the roof and all that. I walked back to work and got some matches at Joe's Cellar.

This morning I was taking a shower and thinking to myself, “hey, not bad, it’s kind of like a Thursday.” Then I was like, “fuuuuuuuuuck.”



it might actually be called the NITEHAWK, sorry Craig. Devon and I were suiting up and riding bikes in the cold, cold world. The Nighthawk, I love you the Nighthawk. The best place ever. Ah, their cheeseburgers-- so good. I just wish their beer prices were on Par with Club 21, the second best place in town, even though they lack a pool table. Actually, the only good things about Club 21 are the atmosphere, the bartenders, and the cheap beer/ stiff drinks. And the people that hang out there-- old people, gangstas, young whites, and old people. What a great mix.

cell phone dispatch, guest cell phone camera testing

P got a gold phone and I was testing the camera on it. A GOLD PHONE. her camera has a paltry 1.3 megapixels, which is not as many as two, which is what my phone has. But my phone is black and boring looking and not GOLD



Forbes is such a fun guy. So off the hook, so funny, unpredictable, when you see the guy in his element (anything) it's like performance art. I remember at a Blazers game he rallied everyone outside smoking at half-time to just chant some curses about how much the Sonics sucked or something, some semi-sequiter that was like poetry. He and Metnick were just going crazy out there, and it was plainly hilarious. He's also an amazing guitar player, both with air and with notes and such.
And teeth