wah wah wah my website is boring and it sucks

More stupid ass pictures. "Thanks for nothing," I can hear you not typing in the comments section.
Well, this one's kind of cryptic I guess.

I don't like the swings my website sometimes takes. Right now I'm bored as hell with these foliage shots. Where's the homies? Where's the skate-shots? Where's the close-ups of salad or corn on the cob? What the hell? My camera is still broken. I learned though that my old SLR still works. It works well, its just a pain in the ass to use. The flash syncs at only 1/60 (compared to 1/125th with my other camera), to use a synch cord you have to mount this janky ass thing on the hot-shoe (you can just plug it into my favored camera), and the light meter is really difficult to use in manual mode. Well, it has auto wind though, which, sometimes I forget to wind the camera. I guess I just like the old style feel of an older, non-90's camera. Plus the working one is a Ricoh. Ricoh is a photocopier machine company, not a camera company! Oh well, I guess at least I'm not wearing Nikon sunglasses or something.

still goin on with those fall shots

some weird monolith. What is that thing anyways?


hollywood is easily the most confusing neighborhood in Portland, I think. I can never find the Trader Joes. Good thing P dogg usually drives.

This one looks like a paw sort of

some pretty headstash things

so one day I just rode my bike around kind of fanning out on the fall colors. There were some fantastic reds this year, for sure. I can't wait for winter now! But fall is nice too I guess!!

Oh, I've been making soups like everynight. My favorite thing to use is beets, because then the soup gets an amazing deep red color. This picture is not a great example of the color, because the lighting is just kind of bad. Last night I used beets and brussel sprouts. It was like a little stereotypical kids' worst nightmare, vegetable-wise. For some reason there are also some nice markers with this one.

35mm turkey bacon wraps

Look it's Fall Time!!!
The Lady across the way moved out! Un-restricted posting galore!! Also, I'm closing in on 300 posts! Well, maybe when I get to 500 it'll be a real accomplishment. Well, 300 is a nice round number anyhow. I guess.
Look they're fall shots!


my best daintyfatman imitation:

It was somebodies birthday and we all made merry.
I spilled red wine on my slacks, (squals), but I put some zap on there to hopefully lift the stain.

Pale Fan-site

She's smokin hot
Matronly disposition, maternal instincts
And yet, not afraid to PARTAY!!!!
not her baby though, for reals.

poop fart fart fart fart fart fart fart

lots of un-focused pictures comin in. I don't know why?
What, did Peach take this one? Did some other female sneak into my house and take this picture?
du du du doggggg, du du du doggggg

swept stakes; GRE words

This is outside my house, it's my hood.

The Basement of the Apartment complex.

Hey You guys its fall time! HEY! YOU GUYS


35 mm got me jazzed

dudes, it's going to be a strong week next week, if I can hold out all of Saturday morning and not do a marathon of posts. Pray for strength.

UPDATE: I can't even upload pictures anyways! THANKS GOD

photoblogging got me jazzed

"dude, hold on, I'm tellin a story here, dude, listen, all I'm sayin is that I've done the dirtiest, weirdest, grossest activities ever.. Hold on, I'm tellin a story" Forbes is keeping SF weird for sure; weed stick
Uh oh inner thigh
Shock and awe for sure

Dog in 35 mm!!!!!11!!


a fine tradition

If I had been born 25 years later, then there would be a picture online of baby John V. with a beer in his hands, holding it like a bottle. 25 years ago, there was a beer called "BEER," that's all it said on the label. That's the kind of beer I was holding like a bottle. It was a grenade if I'm not mistaken, and there was no doubting that it was a beer. The label just said BEER! My folks have this picture in one of their photo albums (a book old people put their pictures in, for a more modern example see: photo blog). It would have been a good pairing with this little guy:


grasping at straws

Maybe I'll go to freddies and get some film developed this evening.

something fuzzy

Wait a minute, where's the picture of the puppy?

weaning myself off dog pictures: A cell phone pictorial

A bench. Big whoop.
LOOK AT THE DOG OH MAN IT'S SO CUTE. He's almost sleeping through the night, and I am sleeping through the night. P has to get up a few times every night to let the dog out. I just let the dog out when I get up in the morning, and I play with the dog sometimes. The dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog


dog updates: day 2

Oh my GOD the dog was in the basket and we rode bikes around. He just layed there basically, chillin.
IZZY TOOK A NAP OMG WHAT A CUTE DOG. See that huge thing on the right side? That's my slipper. The dog is really small. He can make really large noises though, such as the last two nights when he cried pretty much ALL NIGHT. He'll get used to it though, or I will. Wait, who's training who?

Also, don't worry, I was just joking about only dog updates. Unless all you want is dog updates. If that's the case, stick around. Non-dog-wise though I have two rolls of film that I'll take in soon. They're fall oriented. Also, on Saturday I realized that I had lost a roll of film. Have you seen a roll of film, anyone?


cell phone dispatches: The road to picking up The Dog: A Tale of Hope: You can look at these cell phone pictures now

We watched this thing engrave the dog tag.

This hot-rod was flooded and stalled-- an ominous beginning.
Storm on the horizon. We were pretty nervous, but then I got a milkshake and felt waaaay better.