Solar flicks

His pride and joy.
Pretty sure these two are different frames. Mike V is a machine! A solar powered one.
Just kidding. He's pretty Bro. Thanks to Ann for making T shirts that I gave my dad one of for Fathers Day.

K Dogg muggin

Hey Christy- Nice Rack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey K Dog, why are you huffing nature? These are from her last days in Portland. Hey K dog? How's New Orleans squalor????

duplicate pictures? who knows

Squalor status; bros building bikes
Christian rippin drums in the living room.
Wilson doing Acorn Photography. See the sign, and their cup there? It's a promotional!

new board

I like my skateboards to be all gnarly. When I walked into the shop the first one I saw had a mutant baby with a pentagram on his belly. It was like laser eyes to the sickest board ever! I was all "let me see that gnarly dead baby one." The more demonic the graphic is on the bottom, the better I can bail on flat ground shuvits going 5 mph and screw up 50-50's on curbs and 2 foot transition. To my credit, though, the first place I went was Burnside with this bad boy. I left after about 3 runs. Everything was gettin all radical down there. I'll just bring some brews next time I guess. Instant friends!


zr zr zr zr zr zr zr zr zr

I went to this bar before the Melvins show and it was the best bar ever. There was almost no one there, I was the youngest there, the bartender had a huge black eye and was a crack head, and the jukebox was playing some of the best songs ever. They were slow and quiet and perfectly fitting.
This is Spencer's house. I just thought the color was similar to the top one. I guess that my cell phone's white balance is GHETTO.

cell phone dispaches fricking rad stuff here

One for Emily who hates convenience
I made this radical sandwich and my folk's house. They always have the bomb ingredients.
I offered it to dad but he was all, "nah, gotta sand and finish the deck."

runnin low on steam

making sause-- the dark side of it.
bird-stock. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


holy hell my andrew chen google bomb worked, in the funniest way!!!

Some Canadian googled "andrew chen model" and they got to my site! YESSSSSSSSS

From my web-spying program on my site:

Time of Visit
Sep 23 2007 5:56:15 pm
Last Page View
Sep 23 2007 5:56:15 pm
Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words:
andrew chen model

slow, leave no wake

Rocking the boat is such a bummer, in my opinion. I'm much more into just drifting, or floating... That's why I've been at the same shit ass job for almost 2 years. Nah, that's just because of student loans. I love drifting around on the weekends though. God, I've got my metaphors so mixed I could just about put some ice in there and drink it.


child eating dog

Pace is getting a dog. She's getting this cockapoo, but I kind of wish she would get a dog that could actually eat children, like this giant beast.
I'm going to try to train her dog to eat children anyways, I guess.

some burdz

The birds just look like bugs. Maybe a nice zoom lens next time.

Not exactly contemplative bird watching. Kind of spectacular bird watching though. They are called Vaux's Swift birds. They are migratory and there are thousands that sleep in this chimney. They fly in their sleep.

apartment work

There are these dudes working on my apt, just doing some minor fixing up. It's really annoying and messy. Whatever I guess:
They're putting in a new perch in the backyard. I don't know why though.


worst skate shots ever

Every time I do skate-shots, it's a real crap shoot. Will they come out? Will they be adequately lit? I've said before, if you want to teach me about flash photography, I'll let you.
At least I can count on Devon cranking out some 5.0's and tail-slides though, I guess.
UPDATE: Devon called and was all, "those skate shots are dope." So I guess they are not the worst ever, I just wasn't happy with the lack of definition and sharpness, I guess. Something about them isn't perfect, so I'm just bitching for a while.
I just spent 30 minutes online trying to find a good example of what I'm trying to do, something somewhat analogous, but I couldn't. I'll just shut up I guess and practice practice practice.


In case you didn't know, Pace is a debutante.

The South, I tell ya, the South just can't catch a break.
On Danny's Birthday, we went to 5 bars in North Portland for happy hour. It was awesome. Pictured was the most NASCARy bar, with a couple of NASCAR hoods off the cars, and a NASCAR fantasy league. They also had this sign:
Bars in North Portland are the best in town, I think. Sparsely attended, old and weird, with random juke boxes and pool tables. And loads of old people-- something pretty necessary for any good bar.

This kid showed up for a second. Can you even see that? I could see it on an apple, but not on this PC that I'm on now. Well, it's Fruh.

some faces

I got this new lens with almost no depth of field, so I thought I'd try to do some hollywoody portraits. Usually it'd all be really spur of the moment, which I guess is true of most anything I do.

Karl with broken eye ball
Ex-roomie Rachel.

Pace just after scolding me for not doing my dishes/ not being personable with her.


sleep factory

tommorow I'll have some good ones up. I have a funny comparison to do also! I don't have the know how on a mac to rotate the pictures before putting them on the web. Where's the right click? Where's the Windows media player? How do I delete, rather than just back-spacing? Mac's, I tell you, they are WEIRD.

Sunday Threesome!

Shitty picture of Mike V's back scab stiches from having ZITS removed. Science is something, eh?
Mattress shopping
mmm salad.