Thrashing about

One time, Thrasher had open applications to work there as a general editor/writer/design/photography person. I was pumped. I had just started my menial office job and wasn't too psyched really. They asked for some samples of the photography, then just a cover letter and resume. Working at Thrasher is kind of my dream job, so I was all "I'll just go for it. If I don't, I'll kick my own ass forever." (if I hadn't applied I would have forgotten about all this by now. I wouldn't still be kicking my own ass). Well, I poured my energy into writing a good cover letter with, uh, Thrasher attitude. Curse words, nihilism, and aggresion. And I bundled it up with the past 4 or so images on this website, tweaked my resume to have some curse words, and sent it in. I knew that my photography of the action skating wasn't that good, but hell, I gave it my best shot from shit I had laying around. Well, a few days later, Michael Burnett emailed me back. He's kind of the guy who does all the work at Thrasher, one of the most prolific dudes behind the lens, etc. He's also hilarious when he writes Skate articles in the mag. I'd recommend checking out any issue and just look for his byline. Anywho, he wrote back and was all "that's one of the best cover letters we got. Probably the best one. Way, way better than your pictures." Then we corresponded for a while and nothing ever happened and none of my friends are gnar dog shredder any more really, so bummer the end.

Here's what pro skate shots look like:
so sharp
So colorful and nice.


Anonymous said...

so digital?

John said...

maybe the one of koston, but just look at the lighting! The bottom one is from like 1997, way before digital photography.