from the crypt

I moved this weekend, and found loads of old picture cd's. These are pictures of "Then New Assholes," a band comprised of old dudes who worked/lurked at Dots, my old place of employment. They played at Dunes sometime maybe a few winters ago. All my bosses were there. Those Dots people seriously knew how to party! Well, for old people anyways.
This is Mark. He was (is?) a prep cook at Dots. (no apostrophe). He is a shredder at lead guitaring.

This is Steve Wilson (same exact name as Dan's dad). He is the most depressed dude ever. He'd come in every night and pound his drink of the moment. Have like 4-10 every night. For a while they were Monopolova Greyhounds, there were beer days, etc. He was severely OCD, and grumpy. You'd ask him, "how's it goin', Steve," and he'd say "shitty." Really deadpan dude. He came alive on stage though. There was this one lyric, I don't really remember it, something about like, "eat my dump" or something. He became this huge narcissist on stage. It was pretty funny. He was a real performer.

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